>2011 Webster Road Trip – Day One


#crazyfamiliyroadtrip Day one itinerary: Marlborough to VA Beach to DC…
My handsome and always happy co-pilot. OK, and sometimes tired…
Our first trip over and through the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel.  

Its a bridge!

Wait – it’s a tunnel!

 Someone napped through the experience, but it helped her get over her car-sickness…so I was totally ok with that!
And then…

The beach!  The beach!  It was 84 degrees and sunny.  Woo Hoo!!!!

They had fun…

And I think Dad did too…

 Even though we were only there for an hour…
Clearly, Mamma is in desperate need of some sunshine.  We should have stayed longer!!!  Holy ghostly!
A definite highlight of Virginia Beach – the jets training.  Very cool.
We finally arrived in DC and Kim and Lonnie took us to dinner at the Marina Cantina.  Nothing like taking your two little girls to dinner at a hoppin’ waterfront restaurant at 8+pm!  But first – a tribute to The Maine Lobsterman!

Next up – a recap of our first full day in DC!

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