>Road Trip Day Two – early recruiting!


#crazyfamilyroadtrip Day two: Washington DC crazy walking tour…
Here is my prediction: Maddy ends up in Washington for something at some point in her life…

 Which one is the White House, mom?

 For a wild and crazy kid, she actually paused as we explained the Vietnam Memorial…they were both amazed at the number of names, and upset they couldn’t read them all.
Then, we arrived at Mr. Einstein, my favorite spot in DC. The girls had a few secrets to share with Al.
 For me, Albert Einstein will always be inspirational…who cares if I’ve never been good with numbers or equations!

 Someday, we will all get there…

 The walking continues…up past the State Department where Mommy used to work, and to GW!
See,  proof that I did work hard and graduate! I’ve got a brick 🙂

Now, we did take the kids to The Red Lion for lunch. Because they have good sandwiches. Not because I drank many a beer there in college. Or because I took Jason there when we were dating. Nope, no other reason than I am a sentimental fool who needed to relive her younger days. I mean, to eat good food.

Maddy read the menu all by herself (for the first time!) and picked grilled cheese and a strawberry smoothie.  Emma had chicken fingers and a smoothie, Jason had a turkey reuben and I had a burger with homemade guacamole. And a nice, cold beer…of course.  
After lunch, we bought the girls pink GW basketball tee shirts, cut through J Street, walked by Mommy and Kim’s old dorm, and then I went to show them the (ugly) library.  And…there is a STARBUCKS in the street level of Gelman Library, across from the music department building!!!  Lucky students.  What I would have given for that!!! So, we needed a fix to get through the rest of the day.  What timing! Look at Daddy’s tired eyes…

After a quick visit to Congressman McGovern’s office to say hi to Chris, we paused for a quick photo before everyone started to melt down…
The Webster Girls, taking the Capitol by storm…

 Goofy girls. Pretty and silly… and pretty silly.

It looks like Daddy is taking on the world with his girls in this photo…or leaning on the dome for a nap!
I can’t believe I didn’t take pictures of dinner on night #2. Kim and I walked down to the fish market (huge, open air, AWESOME!) and bought crabs, shrimp and some corn on the cob. I inhaled almost a dozen delish old bay crabs by myself… I have to find a place up here where I can get some good old bay seasoned crabs. Anyone? 
The girls slept straight through dinner and made it a good 12-13 hours before getting up at 7am! Well rested for another day!!!
Up next: Day three – the trip takes flight!

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