About the Perfectionista

Welcome to Perfectionista Mamma!

Here, join me on various adventures as I try to balance life with: my 2 kids, loving husband, parents, full time job, small side business designing jewelry, and my commitment to clean eating and healthy living in our home!

I am 34, love to go on adventures with my husband and kids, cook good, real food, make jewelry, work, and occasionally sleep. I’m a family girl, and love having a full house, so regardless of the challenges it can bring, my parents live with us and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I also want to be fit.  I have the healthy cooking and eating down…but the butt needs to get moving.  So I added one more thing to my plate…

As of my 34th birthday in late May, I am now a “runner”. Well, so Jason tells me.  I registered for my first half marathon in the greatest place on earth – Walt Disney World!!! As I try to remain focused on eating well (and feeding everyone else well!), getting my work done and loving it, making jewelry, and staying somewhat sane, I’m also trying to get this butt into shape so I can run 13.1 miles on October 1st without collapsing or getting hurt. So far, so good!

I can go on and on at length about anything and everything, from serious matters to the ultimate in whimsy, so your comments are important to me!  As much as this is a venue for all things in “Webster-land” that can and do drive a Perfectionista to thrive (and occasionally dive), I want it to be useful and entertaining! Kids and life in general can cause one to adjust their image and perception of perfection to accommodate reality. But all is not lost! From getting a healthy and edible meal on the table after a long day at work to keeping your sanity while keeping all the balls in the air… my goal is that my experiences, recipes and adventures might just strike a chord and maybe, just maybe inspire your own inner Perfectionista to be a bit more real. Slowly, I’m learning that real is actually perfect…

So comment away!  Love it? Hate it? Looking for something else? Let me know!

Thanks again for following the Perfectionista!



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