Thirsty Thursday: Welcome to April!

It’s Thursday! Which means tomorrow is Friday – woo hoo! But more importantly, it means its time for another edition of Thirsty Thursday!

I’m going to be honest, though…it’s been such a crazy week, I think the only thing I’m thirsty for is to remember all the good things that have happened in the past few days…and some time with the girls! Busy weeks stink from the mom point of view 😦

First up, our Sales & Marketing team was together (minus 2 at a conference) and I love it when our Seattle and Houston peeps are around! We get a lot of awesome stuff done and they’re just plain fun to be around. And we got to celebrate a kickin’ Q1 by rock climbing at Vertical Dreams in Manchester last night. I accept the pain today because the glory of making it up a wall and pushing my limits/confronting my fear was SO worth it!


A whole mess of us went to the edSocialMedia Summit at Walnut Hill School for the Arts on Tuesday…fantastic presenters, great topics, and fabulous people! Always good to see and learn from how others are doing what you’re doing in the social media and marketing sphere of the education world.

Sprinkle in Easter Sunday at my sister’s house, a site visit for our big User Conference, and a killer workout with my fab personal trainer (and, in full disclosure, friend) Sue, I’m beat.

Ahhhh, but I do remember what I’m thirsty for…

I get to see 2 of my best friends in a little over a week, and I can’t wait! But first, I need to finish my taxes!!!

So, lets recap my thirsts….
Week 1 – organization. Check.
Week 2 – return to nice friendly cheerful Maura. Check.
Week 3 – get our taxes done and play with the girls this weekend!!!!

Lets see how we’ll do!

Are your taxes done?


Thirsty Thursday

Thirsty Thursday used to be when we’d go to a bar in college and drink horrible mixed drinks and the cheapest beer we could get.

Today, I’m just happy I managed to have a cup of coffee, at least 3 of my big tumblers of water, and 2 juices lovingly made by Jason. I’ve got another greenie waiting in the fridge, and if I’m lucky…there is a glass of red wine in my very near future.

But I’m still thirsty. I don’t know exactly what for, besides that glass of red – obviously. But there’s a lot. I think we’re all thirsty for things…that’s what drives us, or at least me, to do, to try, to achieve.

And, just like that, just now…The Perfectionista’s Thirsty Thursday was born!

It’s not really about drinking – although I will share when I find something particularly tasty – but it’s about things we thirst for. And by we, I mean me. But maybe you’re thirsty for that same goal, or maybe you’ll share your goal with the rest of us.

That would be cool, just like hanging out at Tequila Grill with a bunch of people we didn’t really know, but were connected to by collegiate thirstiness.

So my first thirst, because for once I’d like to focus on one thing at a time, is to be more organized. To do start a big spring clean and feel some zen. I should start smaller…

But first things first…


What are you thirsty for this week?