Top Dish D-Lish

Before I talk about what a delicious time we had Friday night, I’m going to address the lingering question…where on earth has the Perfectionista been, and when do we get to hear all about the adventures of the past month?  Well…life has once again taken me captive, but I will say, although its been crazy, much as been enjoyable! There are a number of blog posts coming – most exciting of which is all about my half marathon experience in the happiest place on earth!!!  But, for now, you NEED to hear about last night!

First, I have to say that Exhale Magazine and the Banner Publications are great media partners with the American Heart Association.  In addition to featuring AHA recipes and survivor stories in their publications, they invited us to join them at Top Dish, a fundraiser for the Greater Boston Food Bank, to give out our new Simple Cooking with Heart dinner party kits.


Patti and I brought Larry and Jason and made date night out of it – we shared 120 kits with people AND had a great time. So let’s talk about what there was to love…FOOD. Lots of luscious, local food…and friendly faces sharing it!  Oh yes, and Patron…

Lolita prepared the most amazing tacos – Lobster Tacos.  Oh my… this was the first thing we sampled, and Jason, the Mainer that doesn’t do lobster, had a smile from ear to ear…


Then, I tried Bokx 109’s scallop with a seasonal fresh veggie salsa and reduction…again – total home run.

Other favorites included Goat Cheese Gnocchi from Tuscan Kitchen and a three bean salad with quinoa (and pumpkin whoopie pies!) from Babytrain barBARq.


But I have to say that our favorites were our neighbors at the event, Wilson Farm from Lexington. Not only were they THE nicest guys, they had pumpkin biscuits with turkey and a cranberry chutney that have already made it on to my Thanksgiving Weekend menu. They also had a pumpkin hummus AND mushroom and kale little stuffing/bread pudding bites.


I think we may have to make a stop there when we go hiking in the area over the next few weeks…before it snows!  Now I just have to find time to schedule a hike…

What, if anything, has already made it on to your Thanksgiving menu???