An Untraditional Fourth

No cookout. No beach or lake. No kids or Jason, even. (That last one wasn’t fun.)

However, I had some freedom! I took the day (until 11pm, when I couldn’t stay away from my email any longer) to do stuff that I have needed/wanted to do for ages at the house!

I painted our master bath. ¬†Lucky for me, its tiny, so I was done by early afternoon! (This is good. I’m an impatient painter…)

I was definitely done with blah.

And now…a beautiful blue! With cute little shelves!


I felt so accomplished, that after a quick lunch…we tackled the garage!

I know, that sounds exciting. Really. But when you consider that we moved in 4 years ago and can now use that bay for a car…its pretty darn exciting!!

Then, to wrap up my untraditional 4th, I had the most amazing dinner that Nonna cooked: goat chops, kale and chard with sausage, salad, broccoli, and jasmine rice. With some delightful red wine. Not a BBQ, but I couldn’t think of a better way to reward a hard day’s (not) work.

How did you celebrate our country’s birthday and your independence?