Running to Beat Cancer – Like a Perfectionista

I mean, how else would you do it?

Its been about 6 months, give or take, since I last posted. Shortly after I wrote about purple mac & cheese, our world was rocked by the news that my mom had breast cancer. For the girl who said she wasn’t going to wish time away in 2012, I find myself racing toward 2013.

Nonna is the strongest woman I know. She is our rock, always caring for everyone else, even when she’s the one who needs to chil-lax and be taken care of.

This is just a blip on the radar screen, a moment in time that we just need to wade through and get to the other side already. The other side is coming. Just. Need. Patience.

As expected, Mom is gliding through this with grace, good humor, and an amazing amount of calm for a control freak. She’s even got this fantabulous new hairstyle!


But I couldn’t just sit around and wait.

I needed to do something.

Running, although finding the time is a bit harder now, helps me flush out the stress.

There had to be something more.

So I signed up to be part of the Dana-Farber Falmouth Road Race team. My goal is $4,250 and I’m a little more than 25% there!

Its not easy to get out and run all the time, but you can help me. Lord knows, I need help.

I made this Perfectionista Training Bracelet that I’m wearing until August 12th (race day!).


Every time I look at it, I am reminded to get out and run. ¬†More importantly, why I was crazy enough to do this in the first place. Don’t you want to be reminded why I’m so crazy?!?

Everyone who donates $50 or more here before August 1st will get one! You can be my training buddy without all the running – just wear it and I will feel your encouragement and support! How awesome is that?!?!

Have you ever had a reason greater than yourself to run? Have any words of wisdom for the Perfectionista?

Thank you!

Newsflash: The Perfectionista isn’t perfect. But she’s not going to quit trying to be her own kind of perfect…especially not now. ¬†Hopefully I’ll post more often, cook more and share the recipes, and keep you completely up to speed with our adventures. But in the absence of an extra 7 hours a day, we’ll get what we get and we won’t get upset!