Thirsty Thursday: Full Moon Edition

This Thirsty Thursday thing is the greatest thing I’ve come up with in a while! It’s been a week since my last (and first) Thirsty post, and I have a clean garage bay (and a dry parking space!) thanks to Jason and Nonna, and my home office is user friendly once again!

Check it out!


The shelves still need some help…


…but I’m a work in progress.

So, why the full moon edition? I have been a crab. It’s got to be the lunar pull…seriously.
And it’s not just me! I think everyone is feeling a little bit o’ crazy this week.

But… it brings me to my thirst for the week…a good mood.

I am seriously thirsting for my cheery disposition to come and relieve the crabby, stressed out Mamma that I’ve become.

And I can guarantee I’m not the only one who is thirsting for that!

How has the full moon impacted your life this week?



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