What to feed the kids…and how!

Not a very exciting title, I know, but its practical!

Today started like this:

Quick cook organic oats with a spponful of Teddy’s Natural Unsalted Smooth PB and a banana.  And my coffee.  Dont forget the coffee.  Check out the size of this mug I got with Jason in VT…

I should probably eat the oatmeal out of the mug, and drink my java out of the bowl…

This is what it looked like outside…

And this is what it looked like around me inside…


It was all around quiet and gloomy. Until I checked Facebook! A friend had commented on the link to yesterday’s post with questions! And that, my friends, is how the Perfectionista wishes every day here at Perfectionistamamma.com would go!!! Yes, that is an open invitation to comment, share, and ask away here on the blog! After all, if my adventures can’t be useful…well, then, I’m just rambling!

SO…the topic of the day is what healthy (easy) things can we make for our kids and how we can get them to eat it at school.

Let’s start with the latter…my girls are like me. Its all about the vehicle in which the food comes. If it looks good and has options…and is environmentally friendly, they like it. And if its pink or purple, even better! I found these great containers at the geeky organizer’s dream emporium, aka The Container Store.


The first 3 are the Slimline Quaddie by sistema, and the second 2 are of the klip it lunch cube, also by sistema. Which one you use really depends on how much and what your kids will eat, what you’re making, and what they’re putting it in to get it to the cafeteria. The first takes up an entire traditional lunch box, where the cube still lets you put other things in there!

Now, the important part…what to fill it with. Here is a list of some things I have either put in there the past 2 days, or plan on filling it with in the days and weeks to come!

  • Corn, tomato & black bean salad
  • Turkey, cheese and avocado on a mini pita (half)
  • PB&J Sushi Roll Up (just roll the wrap, and cut like a sushi roll!)
  • Chobani plain 0% greek yogurt with blueberries and homemade granola (separate the granola to keep it crunchy!)
  • Annie’s bunnies – either the crackers or the cookies
  • Unsweetened Apple Sauce (cinnamon works better when you go for the unsweetened)
  • Clif Z Bars
  • Salad with dried cranberries, fresh nectarine, and goat cheese
  • Low fat string cheese, whole wheat bread stick (crostini) or asparagus wrapped in turkey
  • Hummus or black bean dip and veggies or healthier tortilla or pita chips
  • And a sweet treat now and then!
I hope this helps in making lunch fun and healthy for all the kiddos out there! When you get out of the sandwich and a snack rut and start thinking things up, its actually a lot of fun to pack lunch!
What are your favorite things to pack for school or work lunches?
*this post was not influenced or sponsored by anyone or anything, i just really like to write about the things i love!

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