Is this the Beginning or the End?

Its both. And actually, I think it might be easier to deal with them simultaneously…

Yes, I have come to accept that it is the end of summer. I’m sad, but it went so darn fast this year, that I’m not sure we even really had it…except for the slight good-enough-for-a-half-Irish-girl tan that I got!

However, its also the beginning of the school year…

…the return to chaos, dance, gymnastics, soccer, CCD, Daddy and his busy work schedule, me and my crazy fall work season…a schedule. Ah, yes. A routine. God’s gift to busy families is the routine. Kids seem to fall into them after about 2 weeks, and I can mentally pretend to be in one so that its not such a tough adjustment. Once you’re in one for a bit, you occasionally hit a very smooth patch where everyone seems to work seamlessly together, like in the BSO or something. Usually, just in time to switch it up with the seasons.

But for now, I’m going to focus on the positive. On the good things that going back to school means for my kids and our family. You know, tired little ones in the early evening. The “not until your homework is done” mantra that buys me some time to blog when there doesn’t seem to be a spare minute. Making happy healthy lunches for the girls and getting back to planning ahead for our  meals. A routine I can (hopefully) really sink my teeth into.


Here’s to sinking…


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