For the Love of Humanity…

Jason and I are so proud of our girls. This year, after a answering some tough questions about why and how not everyone who works hard has a house, the girls decided to make their birthday party a fundraiser for Habitat for Humanity of MetroWest/Greater Worcester. They were bummed they weren’t old enough to actually help build, but wanted to help anyway. I couldn’t have been more proud, and quickly went to work putting the pieces together.

We decided that this was the perfect opportunity to kill two birds with one stone, although not really because that wouldn’t be very humane, but we could manage to plan our End of Summer Kegger to immediately follow the kids’ birthday party, right? Ahhh, yes. Party perfection! Although, every time the girls said “we’re helping humanity” I had to giggle.  Such big girls…yet so little 🙂

So invites went out to everyone – kids, adults, friends, neighbors, etc.  We asked that instead of presents they bring donations to Habitat, and as a thank you, we gave them cute little inflatable hammers!

We grilled, and by we I mean Jason, and everyone brought something delicious.  Of course, I had to have veggie burgers, wheat buns, and nitrate free hot dogs in addition to the “normal” cookout foods. Yes, I’m that lady. And proud of it, dammit. However, the favorite burger of the day – Amy’s Hamburger Cookies. How genius!!!! Look at these adorable and super tasty treats!

We had facepainting and sand art for the kids thanks to Julia and Kayla – our awesome helpers, and thank heavens we invested in that play/swing set. Instant kid party entertainment!


The cake was delish and we’ll be trying to give it all away for the next few days. (note: I succeeded! Repurposed sheet cake = cupcakes! Just wait and see…)

And the biggest hit of the day may have been the lawn games (thanks to Sean and the Seymours) that lasted well into the night. I actually researched getting our own Cornhole set, and in the process, learned that there is actually an American Cornhole Association. I’m going to have to save up for a regulation board. Really?


While the day flew by and was crazy busy for hours, its was perfect to end our summer with friends and family – some we hadn’t seen in AGES! And so what if the keg didn’t get kicked.  Next time, we don’t put good beer in the keg. Instead of Wachusett Country, we go Bud Light next time – although I think that’s against every fiber of my husband’s being. Then, we should kick it. I guess we’re not as young as we’d like to think…


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