Llamas and Tractors and Sharks(?), Oh My!

Nothing is as adorable as watching a little boy’s face light up at the sight of “boy” things. At least, as the mom of two girls, nothing is as exciting for me as watching my nephew become ecstatic at the sight of random animals, John Deere and sharks in a tank in the middle of a hot, sunny fairground. Yes, that last one threw me for a bit. And honestly, if I were one of those sharks, I would have eaten that diver for lunch. They must have been sedated…but I digress.

On Friday, Mom, Mary Beth and I went with Bridget, Desmond and Clara to the Bolton Fair. Despite a rough nap and a doubly rough wake up, Des rallied at the thought of seeing all kinds of animals and other exciting things. I’m not going to lie – some fresh raspberries and some Annie’s bunny cookies helped matters, too.

We saw lots of animals. Some cute, some ugly, some that looked like they wore more makeup than I do to a Heart Ball… but Des loved them all.

We even saw local firefighters in a dunk tank. That may have been the grownups favorite booth, but we’re not here to talk about that.. nor did I capture a photo. That would have been too awkward…really.

So instead, we decided that the carousel would be a great idea. Because no matter how crazy woozy spinning and swinging things make me, my nephew’s smiles are totally worth it!

While we were walking by and talking to the sheep (who I think were competing for something, so this probably wasn’t a good time for Des to start a conversation in “sheep”), I came across a non-profit I could see myself associating with at some point. Think of the PR campaign…

Awesome, huh? I almost bought their shirts and mugs to hand out to some people as a bit of sage advice…but it might have be an unfortunate waste, so I held off. Next time…

After we left the long eared cuties, it became clear that our adventure was quickly approaching its end and it was time for dinner and a cocktail on the porch.

All good things must come to an end, right?