Wanna Wasabi?

Who doesn’t love date night?!?! Especially when life has been a bit hectic, there is nothing that says reconnecting like cat paws and a little wasabi. Seriously.

Cat paws. Yes, cat paws.

A few months ago, I bought a Groupon to Sea To You Sushi in Brookline. I am a sushi junkie, and have always wanted to be able to make it on my own. After last night, I now have added a rice cooker to my list of must-buy-soons.

It was A-W-E-S-O-M-E

 First, we watched…then, we played! Starting with a ball of rice…I eventually made this roll!

For a guy who doesn’t eat a ton of sushi, Jason showed some serious talent in the maki making department…


But most importantly, he enjoyed the end result!

I tried to get all showy and make the “fancy cut”…  Introducing, the Perfectionista’s sushi!

The other students were great, and some of them had some serious skills when it came to rolling and presenting their delights. I’m hoping we get to see some of them again in the second level class…when we get the time to take that one! Check these out!


Although I tend to get a little competitive with Jason, you know, for kicks, we presented our dinner together (smiling) and honestly, I think his tasted better.  He even wanted to take me out for a beer after.  Charmer…

One last expression of thanks, a photo, and our leftovers, and we were off to the Publick House for a quick cold one! Something had to wash down all that rice!!!
My leftovers and our fearless leader!

Have you ever taking a cooking class? What, where, & would you recommend it?


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