Life’s a Beach

There is nothing like meeting new friends on a perfect beach day! Maddy and Emma made some new friends, and they’re so sweet! Since they are on the Cape for the summer, we’re hoping to run into them again when we head back for vacation in a few weeks…

Fun in the sun is always good – fresh air, lots of running around, and what every parent hopes for – a good nap or at the least a solid night’s sleep is ahead! Fingers were definitely crossed. But in the meantime, my little monkey and I snuck in some snuggle time…

A while after we had our beach lunch of tomato and cheese sandwiches (mine with avocado and dijon!) we had a silly walk home with Daddy and lots of pretty flowers…


And then, after a fantabulous dinner of pasta, pasta salad, steamers, lobsters and sausages back at Mary’s with Marisa, David, Nicholas and Daria, we headed for the perfect closer – Ice Cream!!   But of course, its not a 36 hour (or any length of time, really) trip to the Cape without a visit to the Sundae School!

The three big kids having their ice cream!

This little adventure is chock-full of foreshadowing. Some day, these two innocent girls will have a knock down, drag out fight over a boy. If the universe could kindly let me know in advance when this will happen, I will be on a momcation somewhere far, far away. Luckily for all involved, Emma was too tired to fight.

We crashed at Mary’s house (thank you!!!) and I managed to run off that ice cream with a 4 mile run the next morning…right past the Sundae School!  This week’s Magic Mile came in at a 10:32 pace. Not bad for having a full belly and barely managing to get my butt out of the house at 6am!

After breakfast, we headed home to get ready for the week. Just as we arrived back in town, the littlest one looks at her big sister, and with a smirk chants, “Nicholas lo-oves Maddy, Nicholas lo-oves Maddy…”

…and the peaceful trip came to an abrupt end…


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