New digs!

The Perfectionista has new digs!!!

I am not a tech guru, and this has taken me a while – I will admit mostly because of fear – but, the Perfectionista is now coming to you via WordPress.  Phew.

Now if only I can manage to redirect to and get my page looking just right…I will be one happy little camper.  Oh yeah, and learn the ins and outs of this platform…  But until then, I’m posting anyway.  After all, this is all about the “new” Perfectionista – you know, how to pretend you’re still one after you have kids and a life in progress, right???

So, please forgive the ever changing look that you will see over the next few weeks, and know that I have missed blogging terribly these past 5-6 weeks of craziness.  That won’t happen again…I’ve felt naked without it.  And as someone who often had that naked-in-school dream…yikes!

All it took was a little me time on the dock…and she’s back!