>Will the real Lawrence von Chestertoot please bark?

>Yesterday, we celebrated Cuzzy Eileen’s birthday by hanging out with Rachel, Tom, Chip, Todd, Haley and others! You don’t look any older than us, so 21 has been good to all!!! Happy Birthday!

Then, we took the girls up to Derry to meet the litter of new pups at Integrity Farms…one of which is our little Larry!  It will be another month before our little furball comes home, but you have to check out these cuties!!!

The girls were GREAT with the pups! Everyone was gentle and patient.  ~Phew~

One of those handsome boys will be home with us in a month, and we can’t wait.  Although, I will admit, I am holding the puppy over their heads in the hopes that the charming attitude subsides…not sure that’s the best parenting tactic, but I’m trying it out!

Today, we started to get some stuff for Larry…OK, I can now admit that I’m excited to be a fur-mamma to a new little one! And I have to share – we put Murphy on a new food this past week, Taste of the Wild.  In a week’s time, his hot spots are almost 100% healed, his coat is gorgeous, and he’s much more lively! Little Larry will have a much better start, and hopefully not fall into any pitfalls that we got into with Murph.  The first kid is always the guinea pig, huh?

Who out there has a dog? What is your best healthy pet tip or advice?

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