>The best 6 pack ever!

>Has 12 legs 🙂

Congrats to Jeff, Laura and the rest of the 6PackRelay team that just completed the Reach the Beach from Wachusett to Westport this afternoon!

Jason was supposed to run, but an unfortunate foot issue held him back.  However, we met up with them at Algonquin HS yesterday to cheer them on, and to send Laura on her way for her 2nd leg! Emma and I made some blueberry scones to help them refuel, and maybe someday the “cooking show video” we made will make it to Food TV.  I have to say, as irritating as I find my voice, Emma is a natural on camera!!!

Laura’s warm up was grooving with the girls. Well, Emma anyway.

Waiting for the baton…
Oooo!  Gimme, gimme, right here!!!

Got it…and I am off!!!

Faster (and brighter!) than Lightening McQueen!!!

Congrats to the 6 Pack Ultra team for finishing 200 miles in 24 hours!  So amazing! And a special thank you (from the wife) for sending home some love for Jason. It means more than you probably know!


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