>Chocolate for breakfast?

>Why not?

So this week, I tried to make a different smoothie each morning, with the intention of posting the recipes every day. Hah!

I did make the smoothies (I haven’t made today’s yet!) but a few late nights at work and these little eyes couldn’t stay open at the end of the day to write it all up!

So here it is, Friday morning, the girls are finally dressed and eating, and here are my 10 minutes of morning me time. Sad.

So, let’s have a little recap, shall we?

Tuesday: Chocolate Raspberry Dream
Tuesday’s smoothie was awesome! Baby spinach, chobani, skim milk, a banana, frozen raspberries, ground flax seed, and chocolate whey protein powder!

I think one may have been one of Nonna’s favorite. She has been humoring me and trying everything I make…I totally appreciate it! But who doesn’t love dessert for breakfast?!?!?!
Wednesday: Green Tropics
Wednesday’s deliciousness had baby spinach, frozen peaches, frozen strawberries a banana, kefir, skim milk, ground flax seed, shredded unsweetened coconut, and vanilla whey protein powder.
Originally, I made it without the banana…but it was too blah. Everything is better with bananas!
Thursday: Mango Strawberry Surprise
I love champagne mangoes. Love them. They’re small, fairly easy to peel and slice, and they are sooooo sweet. It cures any sugar craving I might get, and gives me a total boost as well!  So, this one had baby spinach, fresh mango, frozen strawberries, skim milk, kefir, ground flax seed, and vanilla whey protein powder.
Sooooo good! And I do love eating or drinking green things. I’m not sure why. Its a bit odd, but then again…
Today, I’m going to have my smoothie for lunch…and use up the rest of the fruit…or maybe chocolate banana peanut butter…so many options, so little time!
Keep the suggestions for new smoothie ingredients coming!  I think before tomorrow’s marathon day (not running one, but enough things to constitute one!) I will try Duff’s strawberry protein smoothie.  Thanks for the suggestions!

2 thoughts on “>Chocolate for breakfast?

  1. >You can't taste the spinach, which is the great part! Its the perfect way to make sure the girls get their veggies (and me too!) And Kefir is a "cultured milk probiotc". Nonfat liquid yogurt basically. This is the first bottle I've bought, and according to the label, you supposedly experience a sense of well-being after drinking it (?). Thanks for asking, because it actually made me read the bottle 🙂 Good for the immune and digestive systems…

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