>The Grand Finale

>The 4th and Final Day of the Crazy Family Road Trip!

 You know how you have those friends who you can see once a year, and its like you were never apart? (Except when you look at how your kids have grown in the meantime!!!) This trip, I was lucky enough to see 2 of my 3 girlfriends that are just like that.  Elizabeth is like a sister – she was my partner in the field hockey goal cage in high school, and everything else for that matter, and since that fall 5th form year when we met, she has held a very special place in my heart and my life. And now, she also has a “mini-me” that I get to cherish, too!

Elizabeth & Auttie Grace

The girls were so excited to see Auttie Grace, and although a year had passed, they picked up like old friends too!

We missed Auttie’s first birthday in February, so we celebrated a bit while she tried on her present and her new bow! Maddy was very complimentary, and I think jealous because she picked out the clip and totally wanted it!

I can’t help but post so many of these photos – Auttie Grace is absolutely beautiful!!!

My kids, of course, look like they had just rolled out of bed. Wait…they did. We were piling into the car for the 7-8 hour trek home on Holy Saturday…there was no sense in getting dressed up. And, I was hoping they would sleep most of the way!

Auttie took a liking to Uncle JayJay…I know honey, he’s pretty easy to look at!

So, who thinks that St. Mark’s will take them all??? I mean, we were good students, right? Those would be some fun parent’s weekends…

Smiles and giggles is what its all about…I can’t wait for the next visit…and hopefully it happens before April, 2012!
And with hugs and kisses for Anne, Joe, Elizabeth, Kevin and of course, Auttie Grace, we piled back into the Webster Van and headed back to Massachusetts…

…The End…

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