>Will the real Lawrence von Chestertoot please bark?

>Yesterday, we celebrated Cuzzy Eileen’s birthday by hanging out with Rachel, Tom, Chip, Todd, Haley and others! You don’t look any older than us, so 21 has been good to all!!! Happy Birthday!

Then, we took the girls up to Derry to meet the litter of new pups at Integrity Farms…one of which is our little Larry!  It will be another month before our little furball comes home, but you have to check out these cuties!!!

The girls were GREAT with the pups! Everyone was gentle and patient.  ~Phew~

One of those handsome boys will be home with us in a month, and we can’t wait.  Although, I will admit, I am holding the puppy over their heads in the hopes that the charming attitude subsides…not sure that’s the best parenting tactic, but I’m trying it out!

Today, we started to get some stuff for Larry…OK, I can now admit that I’m excited to be a fur-mamma to a new little one! And I have to share – we put Murphy on a new food this past week, Taste of the Wild.  In a week’s time, his hot spots are almost 100% healed, his coat is gorgeous, and he’s much more lively! Little Larry will have a much better start, and hopefully not fall into any pitfalls that we got into with Murph.  The first kid is always the guinea pig, huh?

Who out there has a dog? What is your best healthy pet tip or advice?

>The best 6 pack ever!

>Has 12 legs 🙂

Congrats to Jeff, Laura and the rest of the 6PackRelay team that just completed the Reach the Beach from Wachusett to Westport this afternoon!

Jason was supposed to run, but an unfortunate foot issue held him back.  However, we met up with them at Algonquin HS yesterday to cheer them on, and to send Laura on her way for her 2nd leg! Emma and I made some blueberry scones to help them refuel, and maybe someday the “cooking show video” we made will make it to Food TV.  I have to say, as irritating as I find my voice, Emma is a natural on camera!!!

Laura’s warm up was grooving with the girls. Well, Emma anyway.

Waiting for the baton…
Oooo!  Gimme, gimme, right here!!!

Got it…and I am off!!!

Faster (and brighter!) than Lightening McQueen!!!

Congrats to the 6 Pack Ultra team for finishing 200 miles in 24 hours!  So amazing! And a special thank you (from the wife) for sending home some love for Jason. It means more than you probably know!

>Chocolate for breakfast?

>Why not?

So this week, I tried to make a different smoothie each morning, with the intention of posting the recipes every day. Hah!

I did make the smoothies (I haven’t made today’s yet!) but a few late nights at work and these little eyes couldn’t stay open at the end of the day to write it all up!

So here it is, Friday morning, the girls are finally dressed and eating, and here are my 10 minutes of morning me time. Sad.

So, let’s have a little recap, shall we?

Tuesday: Chocolate Raspberry Dream
Tuesday’s smoothie was awesome! Baby spinach, chobani, skim milk, a banana, frozen raspberries, ground flax seed, and chocolate whey protein powder!

I think one may have been one of Nonna’s favorite. She has been humoring me and trying everything I make…I totally appreciate it! But who doesn’t love dessert for breakfast?!?!?!
Wednesday: Green Tropics
Wednesday’s deliciousness had baby spinach, frozen peaches, frozen strawberries a banana, kefir, skim milk, ground flax seed, shredded unsweetened coconut, and vanilla whey protein powder.
Originally, I made it without the banana…but it was too blah. Everything is better with bananas!
Thursday: Mango Strawberry Surprise
I love champagne mangoes. Love them. They’re small, fairly easy to peel and slice, and they are sooooo sweet. It cures any sugar craving I might get, and gives me a total boost as well!  So, this one had baby spinach, fresh mango, frozen strawberries, skim milk, kefir, ground flax seed, and vanilla whey protein powder.
Sooooo good! And I do love eating or drinking green things. I’m not sure why. Its a bit odd, but then again…
Today, I’m going to have my smoothie for lunch…and use up the rest of the fruit…or maybe chocolate banana peanut butter…so many options, so little time!
Keep the suggestions for new smoothie ingredients coming!  I think before tomorrow’s marathon day (not running one, but enough things to constitute one!) I will try Duff’s strawberry protein smoothie.  Thanks for the suggestions!

>Soooooo smoothie

>Most Monday mornings are difficult enough, but today was a challenge before we even got out of bed. Late, I might add. How we overslept with 4, yes FOUR, different alarms, I have no idea…but we did. Even Murphy was up and at us to get moving…

Once we did, I packed Maddy’s requested lunch – which was a salad. Yes, a salad, with a Chobani Champion yogurt, granola bar, and veggie juice box. I think I may actually be doing something right. So what if I gave her a Cadbury Creme Egg after school???

Then, I handed Jason a homemade granola bar as he ran out the door to a very busy day!!!

And I made myself my Monday morning smoothie!  Today’s smoothie consisted of baby spinach, kefir, skim milk, a 1/2 fresh banana, frozen pineapple, fresh champagne mango, vanilla whey protein powder, and ground flax.

I totally forgot the shredded unsweetened coconut which I put in this same smoothie last week. It is a MUST as today something was missing…and it took me too long to figure out what it was. But its a pretty shade of green!
Just like the outdoors! Too bad its such a damp and dreary day week… 
Let’s see what tomorrow’s smoothie brings!
I need your help! I’m trying to mix up my morning smoothies and am looking for suggestions!

What is your favorite smoothie to get the day started?

>The Grand Finale

>The 4th and Final Day of the Crazy Family Road Trip!

 You know how you have those friends who you can see once a year, and its like you were never apart? (Except when you look at how your kids have grown in the meantime!!!) This trip, I was lucky enough to see 2 of my 3 girlfriends that are just like that.  Elizabeth is like a sister – she was my partner in the field hockey goal cage in high school, and everything else for that matter, and since that fall 5th form year when we met, she has held a very special place in my heart and my life. And now, she also has a “mini-me” that I get to cherish, too!

Elizabeth & Auttie Grace

The girls were so excited to see Auttie Grace, and although a year had passed, they picked up like old friends too!

We missed Auttie’s first birthday in February, so we celebrated a bit while she tried on her present and her new bow! Maddy was very complimentary, and I think jealous because she picked out the clip and totally wanted it!

I can’t help but post so many of these photos – Auttie Grace is absolutely beautiful!!!

My kids, of course, look like they had just rolled out of bed. Wait…they did. We were piling into the car for the 7-8 hour trek home on Holy Saturday…there was no sense in getting dressed up. And, I was hoping they would sleep most of the way!

Auttie took a liking to Uncle JayJay…I know honey, he’s pretty easy to look at!

So, who thinks that St. Mark’s will take them all??? I mean, we were good students, right? Those would be some fun parent’s weekends…

Smiles and giggles is what its all about…I can’t wait for the next visit…and hopefully it happens before April, 2012!
And with hugs and kisses for Anne, Joe, Elizabeth, Kevin and of course, Auttie Grace, we piled back into the Webster Van and headed back to Massachusetts…

…The End…

>2011 Webster Road Trip – Day Three


Clearly, this was weeks ago now at this point, but as we’ve said more than once…life kinda gets in the way of what we want to do sometimes.  That may actually be the Perfectionista’s latest motto…
2011 Webster Road Trip – Day Three: Rainy Day Fun
Please, fly me away! Many people that know me know that I am totally infatuated with the Space Program. It was enhanced when I was at St. Mark’s and got to meet Story Mugrave a few times.  He was great, and would send me info on classes to pursue, programs to apply to…its too bad I wasn’t as science minded as I had hoped! But I think I’ve got a solution…
Someday, when we realize there is a need for it, I want to be the first US Ambassador to either the moon or the space station.  I’m sure we’ll figure out a way to take it over, and then we’ll need someone to negotiate relationships, etc.  I’d be perfect for the job…

The girls looking at Mommy’s future ride to work with Auntie Kim.

So big…yet so small…

Rainy days bring out the crazies…
A stop at Good Stuff Eatery for dinner.  I feel like this needs an explanation of how it could possibly be even close to clean.  Well, its local and grass fed beef, so I’ve got that going for me. 
Loving time with Uncle Lonnie before dinner!

What could be more perfect? A nice cold Blue Moon and some water…
Everyone was super sleepy…
A total Bad-A$$ in Kim’s bandana…
In my defense, I ordered a greek salad…
and a portobello burger…
and you can note that I tried my best to wipe off the extra mayo onto the wrapper…but that didn’t eliminate the cheese or fried-ness of the mushroom.

That’s all ok, though, because we headed to the monuments so the girls could get a view at night!

The best hosts for our little vacation – you guys should be sainted for having us sleep over for 3 nights!  Emma cried when we left, and she is looking forward to Kim and Lonnie’s nect visit to Marlborough! Thank you!!!

Saving some of the best moments for last…stay tuned for Day 4 and the trip home!