>Things I can’t do, let alone do well…and other Sunday stuff

>Making coffee tops the list. I know, something as simple as making a pot of coffee.  Its such a critical part of my day, and yet I depend on someone else to make it. This morning, I went to make a full pot for me and Janet (yes, we needed a whole pot) and disaster followed…

Janet had to add the sugar to the picture.  It was that bad.

Janet took over. After cleaning out the entire coffee contraption, she brewed the second much better, actually consumable, no need for a strainer pot o’ Joe…

And I started reading a book she recommended…notice the fine print. “…Getting over life’s little imperfections.” 
Looks like I have some work to do! At least once I strain the original batch, we’ll have good iced coffee, right???
After coffee, Janet and Johnny headed home, and we headed into Malden for our traditional Palm Sunday trip to visit my grandparents grave. Mom makes crosses from the palms she gets at church, we place them at the headstones, and then we all get one too.  I could use the divine intervention, so bring it on…
Then, after grocery shopping, I went to JoJo and Lauren’s for a bit of retail therapy!  They had some vendors over for a fundraiser leading up to the Bosom Or Bust 5K on May 7th in memory of Jo’s mom.  Nia was there from Sweat ‘N Style, and I bought more awesome Sweaty Bands!!! Check the website, and like them on facebook! You saw my first one a few posts ago, and clearly I’m in love.  So I bought 3 more for me…2 for the girls for their Easter Baskets…
And one for you!!!
They are the greatest hair accessory for working out, for weekend wear, and for work even.  They stay put – seriously!  I have big hair, but a little head, so nothing ever stays put through a work out.  If you remember my post from a few weeks ago (gorgeous after-hair…) you will see how amazing they are! And I get headaches if I wear a hat to run or walk, so these are perfect for keeping my hair back, the curlies in place and out of my eyes, and the sweat off my face. And they make smaller sizes for kids!
So, I got one for you – really!  This is how its going to work…
I want to know what your favorite work out is, how you keep it fresh when you get bored or fall out of your routine, and why you want the sweaty band! 

I will check all of the comments on this post on Easter Sunday, and let you know if you’re the lucky winner on Monday, April 25th!

Before I go, I have to share one of my biggest weaknesses with you – a sfogliatelle from Modern. Clearly, I am a good little (half) Italian girl, so I downed this bad boy before heading back to Jo and Lauren’s for some hot tub time. I couldn’t just leave it sitting there in the box!!!
 PS – thank you ladies for the time and listening.  Love you!

Don’t forget – get your self the awesome, goes-with-everything, black and white Sweaty Band by commenting on this post!

5 thoughts on “>Things I can’t do, let alone do well…and other Sunday stuff

  1. >My favorite work out lately is quite simple 🙂 I drag Mia to the gym in her stroller loaded up with lots of toys. I hop on the elliptical until she starts to fuss (usually 10 – 15 min) and then transfer her to a blanket on the floor, which buys me another 10-15 minutes while I switch to the treadmill. I run until she needs to go home 🙂 It pushes me on the days she is entertained and well behaved, and even though my work outs on some days are very short, it works for me right now!

  2. >Here is the link to the Facebook Page! All welcome to stop in, check it out, and "like" it :)http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sweat-N-Style/129842340412499OR – Search "Sweat 'N Style" on your FB page 🙂

  3. >My favorite workout is walking the dogs – and, trust me, leash walking 130 pounds of goofy lab excited by all the new smells of Spring is certainly a workout for this new Mama! When things get boring, we consult The Dog Lover's Guide to New England to find a new trail. And to take things to the next level I wear a Bjorn with 10lbs 12.5 ounces of cuteness cuddled up inside. As far as motivation, well, those little creatures of habit don't let me miss a beat. I would like the sweaty band because I'm in a constant struggle – headbands vs. curls (curls always win).

  4. >Maura, I was recently introduced to a sfogliatelle … this is truly one dessert, you don't have to be 1, 3/4, 1/2, or even 1/4 % Italian !!!Oh, woe is me …. PS: I do thoroughly enjoy your blogs!!! :)Anu (Abi's Mom)

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