>What happens when…

>You think you’ve beaten that little addiction of yours, and you let yourself get close to it again?

A little spree, perhaps? Nobody’s perfect, right?

I missed it so much. It was one of those moments, I guess, where weakness got the better of me. Its been a long few months, and I’ve been pretty good. Not perfect, but pretty good. And there it was…right in my peripheral vision…I couldn’t help myself. I had to get reacquainted. I couldn’t let the opportunity pass. 

So I did, but then I walked away. Phew! Safe, I thought. Damn, I am good! 

…heh heh heh…

I saw it again. I smiled…I think my eyes even twinkled. UGH! But then another reprieve. OK, I’m good, I thought.  That was enough.

Nope. It got worse. I couldn’t concentrate. I had to pull it together for a conference call. It was past lunchtime though, and I was getting hungry.

And one more time, for good measure, there it was. Looking most delicious. We did that awkward dance, my little addiction and I, and once again, I walked away. I did pick it up for a quick second. It felt like forever, but I put it down. It didn’t belong to me, but it felt really nice – even if just for a second.

So…I hopped in the car and cranked the radio. Exhausted from the mixed emotions of temptation, I kinda let it all out on the ride. Pulling it together, I stopped at Whole Foods for lunch.  Sushi and some yogurt will cure this, I thought! 

And then, on the way to the register, I found myself detouring through the wrong aisle. And there it was. I clearly had my addiction on the brain. I didn’t understand why, after two months, some soul searching, and what I thought were pretty solid conclusions, I couldn’t help myself. I mean, I and very lucky to have all the nutritious food I could ask for. Healthy, good for me…all that. And then, when I should be happy and content with all that I have, and I know I should be, there is this one thing I still want. There has got to be something amazing about it, because I seriously feel like I need it.

How I can I justify this guilty craving?

Who really cares? Honestly…
I gave in. I bought it. And now, I’m going to eat it.

Chocolate, clearly I still have a thing for you. I just can’t shake it. 
I guess its back to step one. 7 weeks isn’t nearly enough time to break a habit…
What’s a girl supposed to do? 


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