>Productivity prevails


This weekend was ultra productive – which is a feeling I love!  Friday after work, we drove up to Kittery for a rendezvous with Neeny, who was excited (we think!) to pick up the girls for a fun Maine weekend! Jason and I attempted to do a little clothes shopping to no avail, and instead met up with Eric and Jennie Lawson for a quick dinner before heading home again!
Saturday morning, although we could have slept in and weren’t woken up at all during the night, we were up with the birds to get ready for our jam packed day!  OK, let me edit that a bit.  I was up with the birds.  Jason was up shortly after the birds…
But we got to work taping the girls’ room and prepping for the afternoon’s painting escapade!
After a few errands, including a refreshment stocking stop at Julio’s, we were ready to let the creative masterpiece happen!
I did the trim and then Jason got rolling.  Big Daddy Jay is one awesome dad…who else would give up a gorgeous Saturday, with golf and baseball on TV, to paint a room pink and purple???
I then got to draw and paint fun stuff on the walls.  Again – super cool!  I got in trouble for that kind of thing as a kid.  Being a grown up does have a few advantages…

 Who wouldn’t be happy consuming her first summer beer of the season and painting???

Happy little dragonflies…

Pink.  Very pink.

Pretty purple…

But the best part was picking them up Sunday after talking with them and letting them know their surprise was waiting! Of course, Emma asked, “Mom, did you follow our directions?”

When we arrived back home, the look on their faces was priceless…so cute! They have a few finishing touches pick out and help with, but everyone is very happy!

A special thank you to Neeny and Papa who taught the girls how to play cribbage and ping pong, did arts and crafts, played and played and played, and made two little girls very very happy!
What was the best part of your weekend?

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