>Where does the time go?

>Its been too long. I’m in blog writing withdrawal as life has clearly gotten the better of be lately.  However…that means I’ve been actually trying to enjoy what I can!

 That means…
buying some new jewelry tools, rearranging the home disaster office…

and starting a new line for Sweet Bead & Co.! 
It also means working crazy hours, but letting myself have one of my favorite treats thanks to Allyson.  A little post-Lobby Day Reese’s never really hurt anyone, right?
Last weekend, I played a bit more with the new jewelry toys, and made Nicole’s niece a necklace and a bracelet for her baptism. So honored to have been asked, and even more excited that she loves them!!! I also made myself a new necklace with the girls’ names and birthstones. This coming weekend, I’m definitely getting my etsy.com store up and running again!  

 Saturday night, friends of ours – Nikki & Peter – invited us to their home for a sushi party! Nikki’s friend (who is married to Jason’s former boss’ son – small world!) is an amazing sushi chef, and was teaching her how to make it. It was some of the most amazing sushi I have ever eaten. Look at the group – what fun!

Last week, on Sunday, I bought this fantastic workout headband – a Sweaty Band. I LOVE it! Its lined with velvet, or velour, or something magical that keeps it from slipping. So here is my dirty little secret…
I had yoga at 8am. It was the first time I tried out the chic headband. I didn’t change, shower, take out the band (eeew, I know) until bedtime at least 12-14 hours later. It DID NOT move all day. And I grocery shopped, cleaned, cooked, did work, made jewelry, played with the kids, etc.
Here is the scary thing…my poor hair looked like this after a quick shake out – before a much needed shower…
So much for stunning beauty… I’ve been told the Perfectionista seems to be a bit far from human.  So, here you go. This is reality, folks. Happy? Not so cute now, is she? Hee hee hee…
Now, what did we eat this week? I cooked dinner on Monday. I made a delicious black bean soup…but it was so spicy, that poor Maddy cried when she took a sip. You can’t always believe her, so the rest of us tried it. Yup…super hot. Ooops. Not such a good night for Chef Mom.
Luckily, I redeemed myself last night with Chicken Curry and brown basmati rice. Barely any leftovers.  Man, I love those nights!!!
Last night, I received a second shipment of awesome supplies, so I got back to playing after swim lessons.  I hate to post it because its owner hasn’t even seen it yet.  But I hope you like it, Patti!
No matter how crazy life gets, if I just keep saying this to myself, I’ll get through. No matter what, carry on. Its not always easy, but if you can take the bad in stride, and try to stay positive and focused on the good and on what you do have, its amazing the amount of joy you can get out of every day life.
What have you been up to?  With the warm weather coming – what’s the plan for this weekend???

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