>Road Trip Day Two – early recruiting!


#crazyfamilyroadtrip Day two: Washington DC crazy walking tour…
Here is my prediction: Maddy ends up in Washington for something at some point in her life…

 Which one is the White House, mom?

 For a wild and crazy kid, she actually paused as we explained the Vietnam Memorial…they were both amazed at the number of names, and upset they couldn’t read them all.
Then, we arrived at Mr. Einstein, my favorite spot in DC. The girls had a few secrets to share with Al.
 For me, Albert Einstein will always be inspirational…who cares if I’ve never been good with numbers or equations!

 Someday, we will all get there…

 The walking continues…up past the State Department where Mommy used to work, and to GW!
See,  proof that I did work hard and graduate! I’ve got a brick 🙂

Now, we did take the kids to The Red Lion for lunch. Because they have good sandwiches. Not because I drank many a beer there in college. Or because I took Jason there when we were dating. Nope, no other reason than I am a sentimental fool who needed to relive her younger days. I mean, to eat good food.

Maddy read the menu all by herself (for the first time!) and picked grilled cheese and a strawberry smoothie.  Emma had chicken fingers and a smoothie, Jason had a turkey reuben and I had a burger with homemade guacamole. And a nice, cold beer…of course.  
After lunch, we bought the girls pink GW basketball tee shirts, cut through J Street, walked by Mommy and Kim’s old dorm, and then I went to show them the (ugly) library.  And…there is a STARBUCKS in the street level of Gelman Library, across from the music department building!!!  Lucky students.  What I would have given for that!!! So, we needed a fix to get through the rest of the day.  What timing! Look at Daddy’s tired eyes…

After a quick visit to Congressman McGovern’s office to say hi to Chris, we paused for a quick photo before everyone started to melt down…
The Webster Girls, taking the Capitol by storm…

 Goofy girls. Pretty and silly… and pretty silly.

It looks like Daddy is taking on the world with his girls in this photo…or leaning on the dome for a nap!
I can’t believe I didn’t take pictures of dinner on night #2. Kim and I walked down to the fish market (huge, open air, AWESOME!) and bought crabs, shrimp and some corn on the cob. I inhaled almost a dozen delish old bay crabs by myself… I have to find a place up here where I can get some good old bay seasoned crabs. Anyone? 
The girls slept straight through dinner and made it a good 12-13 hours before getting up at 7am! Well rested for another day!!!
Up next: Day three – the trip takes flight!

>2011 Webster Road Trip – Day One


#crazyfamiliyroadtrip Day one itinerary: Marlborough to VA Beach to DC…
My handsome and always happy co-pilot. OK, and sometimes tired…
Our first trip over and through the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel.  

Its a bridge!

Wait – it’s a tunnel!

 Someone napped through the experience, but it helped her get over her car-sickness…so I was totally ok with that!
And then…

The beach!  The beach!  It was 84 degrees and sunny.  Woo Hoo!!!!

They had fun…

And I think Dad did too…

 Even though we were only there for an hour…
Clearly, Mamma is in desperate need of some sunshine.  We should have stayed longer!!!  Holy ghostly!
A definite highlight of Virginia Beach – the jets training.  Very cool.
We finally arrived in DC and Kim and Lonnie took us to dinner at the Marina Cantina.  Nothing like taking your two little girls to dinner at a hoppin’ waterfront restaurant at 8+pm!  But first – a tribute to The Maine Lobsterman!

Next up – a recap of our first full day in DC!


>Congratulations to Kristine and LouLu on winning a Sweaty Band from Sweat ‘N Style!  I was going to give away one, but both of you new moms inspired me with how dedicated you are to squeezing in a good workout – so you each get one!  I was never that good about getting back into shape after our girls were born, and you two are amazing! Such dedication earns you both the Perfectionista’s admiration and you definitely NEED a Sweaty Band to make you feel extra awesome during those “me times” I know you enjoy and will always appreciate!  Email me your mailing address and I’ll get them to you asap!  Congrats again – and keep up the fantastic work!

>Things I can’t do, let alone do well…and other Sunday stuff

>Making coffee tops the list. I know, something as simple as making a pot of coffee.  Its such a critical part of my day, and yet I depend on someone else to make it. This morning, I went to make a full pot for me and Janet (yes, we needed a whole pot) and disaster followed…

Janet had to add the sugar to the picture.  It was that bad.

Janet took over. After cleaning out the entire coffee contraption, she brewed the second much better, actually consumable, no need for a strainer pot o’ Joe…

And I started reading a book she recommended…notice the fine print. “…Getting over life’s little imperfections.” 
Looks like I have some work to do! At least once I strain the original batch, we’ll have good iced coffee, right???
After coffee, Janet and Johnny headed home, and we headed into Malden for our traditional Palm Sunday trip to visit my grandparents grave. Mom makes crosses from the palms she gets at church, we place them at the headstones, and then we all get one too.  I could use the divine intervention, so bring it on…
Then, after grocery shopping, I went to JoJo and Lauren’s for a bit of retail therapy!  They had some vendors over for a fundraiser leading up to the Bosom Or Bust 5K on May 7th in memory of Jo’s mom.  Nia was there from Sweat ‘N Style, and I bought more awesome Sweaty Bands!!! Check the website, and like them on facebook! You saw my first one a few posts ago, and clearly I’m in love.  So I bought 3 more for me…2 for the girls for their Easter Baskets…
And one for you!!!
They are the greatest hair accessory for working out, for weekend wear, and for work even.  They stay put – seriously!  I have big hair, but a little head, so nothing ever stays put through a work out.  If you remember my post from a few weeks ago (gorgeous after-hair…) you will see how amazing they are! And I get headaches if I wear a hat to run or walk, so these are perfect for keeping my hair back, the curlies in place and out of my eyes, and the sweat off my face. And they make smaller sizes for kids!
So, I got one for you – really!  This is how its going to work…
I want to know what your favorite work out is, how you keep it fresh when you get bored or fall out of your routine, and why you want the sweaty band! 

I will check all of the comments on this post on Easter Sunday, and let you know if you’re the lucky winner on Monday, April 25th!

Before I go, I have to share one of my biggest weaknesses with you – a sfogliatelle from Modern. Clearly, I am a good little (half) Italian girl, so I downed this bad boy before heading back to Jo and Lauren’s for some hot tub time. I couldn’t just leave it sitting there in the box!!!
 PS – thank you ladies for the time and listening.  Love you!

Don’t forget – get your self the awesome, goes-with-everything, black and white Sweaty Band by commenting on this post!

>The Awesome 80s…

>Was totally better than my original 80s – its much more fun as a (mostly) confident adult. Although dressing up DID bring up a little to much of the “Does this look ok? Are you sure? Can I get away with this?!?!” And you can see why…

The girls from work looked great! The people watching was second to none…and we all had a little bit of fun living in the 80s for a while…not that I was allowed to even think about dressing like that in the 80s. Who wears that?!?!?!
I even got to meet a wicked awesome rocker 🙂 It was a blast – and once the “work” part was over, I got to get down for a bit, and absolutely loved every single second of it. If I could dance like that again soon, I’d be a very happy girl!
It was a great night, and I wish I could live it all over again…with maybe a bit more sleep afterward!
Were you at the ‘XLO Awesome 80s Prom? What was your favorite part of the night?

>What happens when…

>You think you’ve beaten that little addiction of yours, and you let yourself get close to it again?

A little spree, perhaps? Nobody’s perfect, right?

I missed it so much. It was one of those moments, I guess, where weakness got the better of me. Its been a long few months, and I’ve been pretty good. Not perfect, but pretty good. And there it was…right in my peripheral vision…I couldn’t help myself. I had to get reacquainted. I couldn’t let the opportunity pass. 

So I did, but then I walked away. Phew! Safe, I thought. Damn, I am good! 

…heh heh heh…

I saw it again. I smiled…I think my eyes even twinkled. UGH! But then another reprieve. OK, I’m good, I thought.  That was enough.

Nope. It got worse. I couldn’t concentrate. I had to pull it together for a conference call. It was past lunchtime though, and I was getting hungry.

And one more time, for good measure, there it was. Looking most delicious. We did that awkward dance, my little addiction and I, and once again, I walked away. I did pick it up for a quick second. It felt like forever, but I put it down. It didn’t belong to me, but it felt really nice – even if just for a second.

So…I hopped in the car and cranked the radio. Exhausted from the mixed emotions of temptation, I kinda let it all out on the ride. Pulling it together, I stopped at Whole Foods for lunch.  Sushi and some yogurt will cure this, I thought! 

And then, on the way to the register, I found myself detouring through the wrong aisle. And there it was. I clearly had my addiction on the brain. I didn’t understand why, after two months, some soul searching, and what I thought were pretty solid conclusions, I couldn’t help myself. I mean, I and very lucky to have all the nutritious food I could ask for. Healthy, good for me…all that. And then, when I should be happy and content with all that I have, and I know I should be, there is this one thing I still want. There has got to be something amazing about it, because I seriously feel like I need it.

How I can I justify this guilty craving?

Who really cares? Honestly…
I gave in. I bought it. And now, I’m going to eat it.

Chocolate, clearly I still have a thing for you. I just can’t shake it. 
I guess its back to step one. 7 weeks isn’t nearly enough time to break a habit…
What’s a girl supposed to do? 

>Productivity prevails


This weekend was ultra productive – which is a feeling I love!  Friday after work, we drove up to Kittery for a rendezvous with Neeny, who was excited (we think!) to pick up the girls for a fun Maine weekend! Jason and I attempted to do a little clothes shopping to no avail, and instead met up with Eric and Jennie Lawson for a quick dinner before heading home again!
Saturday morning, although we could have slept in and weren’t woken up at all during the night, we were up with the birds to get ready for our jam packed day!  OK, let me edit that a bit.  I was up with the birds.  Jason was up shortly after the birds…
But we got to work taping the girls’ room and prepping for the afternoon’s painting escapade!
After a few errands, including a refreshment stocking stop at Julio’s, we were ready to let the creative masterpiece happen!
I did the trim and then Jason got rolling.  Big Daddy Jay is one awesome dad…who else would give up a gorgeous Saturday, with golf and baseball on TV, to paint a room pink and purple???
I then got to draw and paint fun stuff on the walls.  Again – super cool!  I got in trouble for that kind of thing as a kid.  Being a grown up does have a few advantages…

 Who wouldn’t be happy consuming her first summer beer of the season and painting???

Happy little dragonflies…

Pink.  Very pink.

Pretty purple…

But the best part was picking them up Sunday after talking with them and letting them know their surprise was waiting! Of course, Emma asked, “Mom, did you follow our directions?”

When we arrived back home, the look on their faces was priceless…so cute! They have a few finishing touches pick out and help with, but everyone is very happy!

A special thank you to Neeny and Papa who taught the girls how to play cribbage and ping pong, did arts and crafts, played and played and played, and made two little girls very very happy!
What was the best part of your weekend?

>Where does the time go?

>Its been too long. I’m in blog writing withdrawal as life has clearly gotten the better of be lately.  However…that means I’ve been actually trying to enjoy what I can!

 That means…
buying some new jewelry tools, rearranging the home disaster office…

and starting a new line for Sweet Bead & Co.! 
It also means working crazy hours, but letting myself have one of my favorite treats thanks to Allyson.  A little post-Lobby Day Reese’s never really hurt anyone, right?
Last weekend, I played a bit more with the new jewelry toys, and made Nicole’s niece a necklace and a bracelet for her baptism. So honored to have been asked, and even more excited that she loves them!!! I also made myself a new necklace with the girls’ names and birthstones. This coming weekend, I’m definitely getting my etsy.com store up and running again!  

 Saturday night, friends of ours – Nikki & Peter – invited us to their home for a sushi party! Nikki’s friend (who is married to Jason’s former boss’ son – small world!) is an amazing sushi chef, and was teaching her how to make it. It was some of the most amazing sushi I have ever eaten. Look at the group – what fun!

Last week, on Sunday, I bought this fantastic workout headband – a Sweaty Band. I LOVE it! Its lined with velvet, or velour, or something magical that keeps it from slipping. So here is my dirty little secret…
I had yoga at 8am. It was the first time I tried out the chic headband. I didn’t change, shower, take out the band (eeew, I know) until bedtime at least 12-14 hours later. It DID NOT move all day. And I grocery shopped, cleaned, cooked, did work, made jewelry, played with the kids, etc.
Here is the scary thing…my poor hair looked like this after a quick shake out – before a much needed shower…
So much for stunning beauty… I’ve been told the Perfectionista seems to be a bit far from human.  So, here you go. This is reality, folks. Happy? Not so cute now, is she? Hee hee hee…
Now, what did we eat this week? I cooked dinner on Monday. I made a delicious black bean soup…but it was so spicy, that poor Maddy cried when she took a sip. You can’t always believe her, so the rest of us tried it. Yup…super hot. Ooops. Not such a good night for Chef Mom.
Luckily, I redeemed myself last night with Chicken Curry and brown basmati rice. Barely any leftovers.  Man, I love those nights!!!
Last night, I received a second shipment of awesome supplies, so I got back to playing after swim lessons.  I hate to post it because its owner hasn’t even seen it yet.  But I hope you like it, Patti!
No matter how crazy life gets, if I just keep saying this to myself, I’ll get through. No matter what, carry on. Its not always easy, but if you can take the bad in stride, and try to stay positive and focused on the good and on what you do have, its amazing the amount of joy you can get out of every day life.
What have you been up to?  With the warm weather coming – what’s the plan for this weekend???