>Meet little Clara…

>Saturday was filled with errands, but the highlight of the day was clearly our visit with the newest member of the family – Clara Brianne.  The girls were so excited to meet their new cousin, and Uncle Jay Jay was pretty darn psyched as well!

The girls ran in, washed their hands, and lined up on the couch!

 And yes, then Auntie Ra Ra jumped at the bit.  I’m sorry – I just couldn’t contain myself!

 Emma is totally a natural.  She takes such good care of her baby dolls…she had it down.  Support the head, gentle cradle…the whole nine yards.

 Clara was calm as could be in her arms…

And she even smiled for Emma!

Then Uncle Jay Jay got his turn…she’s so tiny in his arms!

Uh-oh.  Don’t even think about it… we are man to man.  Zone defense is a whole other game!

But he’s so adorable loving the little one…

 Maddy made Clara a fuse bead butterfly to hang in her window…and she opened her eyes to check it out!

It was a short but very sweet visit, but I think any visit with someone so precious is always too short!
We love you, Clara!

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