>The greatest gift…

>Is a new niece!

Welcome to the world, Clara Brianne.  
What a gorgeous little girl!!!  And I get to spoil her! How lucky am I?!?!?

As I was driving Desmond to the hospital on Wednesday to meet his new baby sister, he said from the back seat, “I go see new baby sistah Clara. Give baby sistah Clara big hug and big kiss.” I almost melted in the drivers seat. And then I chuckled…wishing I had it on tape, because it may be the last time he says something that sweet about his younger sibling…

I honestly have to say, I’ve loved the quality time with Des over the past few days – and he is the cutest little boy. Ever. After dinner on Thursday night, still at the table, I said to him, “Who is auntie’s favorite handsome little boy?” His response: “Unca Jay Jay.” We laughed, and then I said, “Yes, but who’s my favorite little boy?” He just smiled, knowingly. He’s got it locked up.

The rest of the Websters are very excited to meet her this weekend! In fact, its 7:30 am on Saturday, and I’ve already been asked 5 times if today is the day we get to see Baby Clara!!! Congratulations Bridget, Brian and big brother Desmond! Looks like we’ll see you soon!!!


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