>Blue Mango, baby.


I think I found the best veggie burgers. And I am forever grateful for their taste, texture, and ease of cooking…since this week I needed something quick to throw together to take to work for lunch. 
Yay, Blue Mango!  Made in Portland, and consumed frequently from now on wherever I am!
So, Tuesday morning, I whipped up 4 of these delights and ate them throughout the week. Tuesday, I had one with left over roasted veggies, and then the rest of the week I added goat cheese and avocado to the mix. This morning, the last was consumed chopped up with egg whites and…goat cheese. Mmmm…  
Let me share that they are a great texture, with just a hint of kick, and the flavor is delish! Not reminiscent of cardboard like some other veggie burgers. These actually had some moisture, heft, and were filled with pure enjoyment!
Then, in the same pan, I made breakfast.  Backwards, I know. But at least I make time to cook and eat this week.  That wasn’t easy…
My stand by: egg whites, baby bellas and spinach. And, of course, goat cheese.
Skip ahead to Friday, because again – it was that kind of week. I had a cavity filled on Friday morning. May I remind you, I hate the “dentist.” Not my dentist, because he is angelic, talented, charming, and most importantly, gentle and kind.  Especially when he has both of his hands inside my mouth and that little drilling thing.   He takes his hands out of my mouth if he asks me a question, but really, he chats me up before hand, gets the job done, and we chat after. Ahhhh, a dentist with manners!
Since I was numb for most of the day, I made an easy to eat (and cook!) lunch. Pre-made lentils from Trader Joe’s, steamed and peeled beets (from Trader Joe’s), shelled edamame (again, Trader Joe’s) and goat cheese (Vermont Creamery). A nice warm salad with minimal chewing required!

 Then, Friday night ended the week perfectly! My cousin Rachel invited me and Mary Beth – our other cousin and my “big sister role model” – over to her new place for dinner.  
Look at these beauties!!!

Rachel and Kate have a beautiful apartment in a fab location in Newton. Its a stone’s throw from where one of my friends grew up…among other places.  Love it!
Dinner – Rach, Oh MY! – so good. Homemade meatballs and sauce, spinach pasta, whole wheat garlic bread…you spoiled us! Everything was perfect – from the snacks to dinner, to the conversations. You ladies have no idea how good it was to have you to talk with, laugh with, and share. You both inspire me, and are so beautiful, strong, and sassy. And its kind of crazy (you know, creepy in a good way) how similar we are deep down inside. I’m glad I finally figured it out, but hope that we can share many more days and nights like last night.
And one of the sweetest discoveries of the night: Organic wine is kind to you in the morning! 

Clearly, judging by this photo, my bedtime is definitely 10pm. Love you girls! XO

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