>A Boston Cocktail kinda weekend…


Have I ever mentioned that Friday is my favorite day of the week?  It is…it kicks off the weekend, its a very administrative/catch up kind of day at work, and sometimes, just sometimes, I can work from home.
I am really getting the whole work-from-home thing down.  Now, I just need to improve my home office…

But, I do love that working from home means lunch with my little one!

Miss manners needs to chew with her mouth closed…
She actually listened!
 And here is my handsome little furball…
Look at that profile!

 The two of them get along really well…
Friday night was uneventful – movie night! I love the snuggle time on the couch with my girls and Jason.
(Sadly, it was Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2…the girls were well behaved, so they won the chance to pick the flick. Ugh…)
Saturday morning brought my typical breakfast on the run…all natural whole grain english muffin, Teddie’s Natural unsalted peanut butter, a 1/2 banana and ground flax seed.

After breakfast, Jason, Emma and I ran errands: Marlborough Savings Bank, looking at garage doors, a quick lunch at Wholly Cannoli in Worcester, and then new dance shoes for the girls. After we stopped at home, I snuck out for some new running sneaks and SuperFeet. I really hope this does the trick and I can get back to running this week!

Saturday night was our family St. Patrick’s Day dinner, combined with a St. Joseph’s Day celebration so both sides of our “Boston Cocktail” heritage were represented. Poor Auntie…she is so ready to have this precious little girl…but is still all smiles!

I’m kind of freaked out that Desmond looks about 4 in this photo…not to mention that he said repeatedly out of the blue, “I have a big stick!” Which, by the way, didn’t sound like that at all…
Mmmmm, corned beef and cabbage with all the fixin’s was soooo needed.  I love traditions!

Mangia tutti!  Zeppole for St. Joseph’s Day.
Thanks, Gerardos (and Brenda for sharing where you got yours)!!!
 Everyone definitely ate well…and then, sugared up, we sent everyone on their way.

 Look at this hat!  Uncle Sean loves it too!!!
I wrapped up the weekend with my yoga date with Lauren, a few hours of work, finishing our taxes (YAY!), church, and a quick dinner.  Tonight also wraps up the lax eating habits that holidays and stress have brought on.  I’ve been feeling a bit off my game, and the scale confirmed it tonight, so Jason and I are getting up early for a run.  I have to get my foot and my head back in the game with my new kicks…
Wish me luck!
Have a great week everyone!

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