>Which is worse?

>Feeling old, or being out of shape?

I’d like to think I’m in descent shape.  I’d also like to think its true…but yesterday’s Celtic 5k may have shined a bit of reality into my rose colored perception.  
I still don’t dedicate enough time to the keeping of me.  Clearly, since my foot is still screaming when I walk.  The hip flexor and the knee have recovered for the most part, but the outside of my left foot is very displeased with my attempt to run a 5k with very, very little training.  Ok, it’s down right pissed.  So I need to start putting a bit more time into my working out since this “accept a challenge, recover from said challenge, repeat” pattern isn’t working out so well.
But let’s back up, shall we?
I was psyched to get the tech shirt for the race, my number, and of course, paint my nails green for the occasion!  After all, a good half-Irish girl has to play it up when the Holiday rolls around…when else can you openly say to people, “Kiss Me, I’m Irish?”  
I was 918 and Jason was 919.  We finished in 35:12…which for me, with no training, was pretty good.  I think I have been out for a run 3 or 4 times since January 1st.  Jason, who ran 13 miles on Saturday, was a gem and stayed with me. He also attributed my new found “speed” to the green eyeliner and flashy nails.  I’m going to have to agree since my body is revolting today…
So, it looks like we’re going to try to get into the BAA 5K in April.  It always takes a race to get me excited for the next one, however, I didn’t plan on the time and patience for an injury.  I’m not sure how much room is left, but I don’t want to commit to it until I can at least put all my weight on my foot. Here is reason #77 why I should dedicate more time in my day/week to working out/training.  At least the evenings are beginning to hold a little more daylight now…there is hope!
Speaking of the foot…do any of you know what this mystery pain could be?  Its along the outside of my left foot, kind of in the middle, along the bottom. And it really only hurts when I walk/stand on it. Someone please tell me there is an easy fix…
Now that I’ve thought about it…as much as I hate to admit that I’m out of shape…I’ll do that before I claim I’m getting old.

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