>Ho hum…and then some…

>I’ve been thinking all day today about blogging.  I haven’t been that consistent lately, and honestly, I think I’ve been trying to re-prioritize everything in life!  My crazy season at work has technically subsided, although the reality of it is that its a 12 month cycle that doesn’t really end because the markets I work in complement each other so well…

However, no matter how I look at all that’s on my buffet-du-life, blogging is one thing that I want to give more time to.  I have been checking out some new blogs thanks to twitter, and I am starting to realize that I want to take the Perfectionista to the next level.

Check out some of these ladies:
@SRLNeudel a former colleague’s awesome blog
and my first ever favorite blog @CarrotsNCake

There are so many more…maybe I’ll give some highlights in upcoming posts!

I love all of these blogs that I’m discovering, and am really working toward amping up mine over the next few months.  How do you do it ladies???  If there is a secret, please, pretty please, let me in on it!!!

In the meantime, I am trying to get organized for a week filled with a family funeral service, trying to get ahead at work, sneak in some jewelry work, and a 5K on Sunday that I am in no way ready for! And, poor Maddy has strep again.  Will the rest of us be lucky enough to avoid it this time, too???

But, before I leave this haphazard post, I do want to share some highlights from the past week or so…because its not all stress and juggling…there is definitely some fun in the Perfectionista’s life!

March 1st, my nephew Desmond turned 2.  I scored a train cake mold at the William Sonoma outlet in Wrentham a month or so ago for  6th of the original price, and asked if I could make him a cake…and decorate it like Thomas.  I had no idea what I was getting into…but with the help of the Wayside Penny Candy Store and their stock, I pulled it off!
It was the same recipe that I used for Maddy’s basketball cupcakes a few weeks back.  Not great for decorating, but it was definitely tasty.  Even Beppo liked it!
The next day, I went to an event at the Perry School in South Boston where Tyler Seguin (Bruins rookie center, #19) came to celebrate the Jump Rope For Heart program, and yes, jump rope!  He is actually 19 years old to boot.  We won’t linger too long on the fact that I may or may not be old enough to be his mother.  But what a great guy!
And talented on top of it all!
That night, I wanted fish for dinner and tried a Patti and Larry inspired meal…fish in parchment!
And look!  Parchment HEARTS!!!
Yes, I’m a dork about my meals…but whatever.  The salmon with peppers tasted great with the brown jasmine rice and steamed asparagus.  And really, that’s what matters 🙂
So…here I am.  At the end of the post.  Ready to get to bed and start Lent tomorrow with some, well, determination of some sorts.  My colleague Kathy inspired me to take on the 3 S’s of Lent: Study, Service and Silence.  I think I’m going to try it…on top of giving up chocolate (hah!), ice cream, and all of the other things I should be eating less of! This will be good for us to re-group and re-ground, and if anything, I might get 15 minutes or so of quiet me time.  This could be really really good…or dangerous depending on how long I’m left alone with my own mind!
As always, I love your comments and feedback…so comment away!


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