>The great state of Maine…

>I love Maine. When we get in the car, destination Maine, something crazy comes over me. Its a strange sensation of calm, relaxation, that ahhhhhh that I don’t often experience and I love it.

Friday, we left to visit my in-laws in New Gloucester, the perfect way to end the kids’ school vacation week. Yes, I used perfect and my in-laws in the same sentence. They are! When we’re there, its like being at a full service, all inclusive resort. I’m not kidding. Neeny loves to cook, do laundry, spoil the kids, and make sure  the fridge is fully stocked. Papa keeps Jason entertained with cribbage, planning the next batch of brew, or playing catch with the dogs. Its actually like a real vacation for me!!! As I typed this, Neeny brought me a freshly heated cup of coffee.  No joke.  It’s like a little piece of heaven for two and four legged family members!

Ollie loves the attention!
And Murph loves the playmate! Poor Gertie…

We arrived on Friday after driving through rain, slush, sleet and snow to a delish dinner of make your own grilled steak and or chicken salad.  We had some fin as the girls used their new Crayolas and drawing books to write us stories for bedtime!

Maddy reads her story to a captive audience…
Jason tried to understand Emma’s picture book…
I think he finally got it…(it was hard to grasp!)

Saturday, we got up way earlier than I had imagined possible, ate Papa’s homemade waffles and then packed up for a day of snowshoeing!  Holy exhausting!!! And I thought I was in kinda good shape.  Maddy kicked our butts…wanting to keep going, silly girl.  It was beautiful, and when Emma, Nenny and Papa turned around, Maddy ran ahead and kept Daddy and Mommy trekking.

Emma and the Boys!
Neeny looks so good in her element!
Maddy took a quick break before sprinting ahead of Mom and Dad…

After we got back to the car, we ate our picnic lunch that Neeny packed, and then headed into Freeport for some shopping!  My girls are growing like weeds, and seem to always need new clothes…so luckily, I scored some great deals at the outlets and Maddy seems happy with her new selections.

When we got home, hot showers all around and then the perfect dinner of homemade Mac & Cheese, steamed broccoli and salad. Totally hit the spot! When the kids finally crashed and went to sleep, I got a chance to veg on the couch and finish the Alchemist.Very thought provoking (just what I needed…more in my head) and its left me with a few questions. What is my Personal Legend? And how will I know that’s it when I think of it? I mean, I want to do so much in life, be so many things to so many people…I guess its buried somewhere in all that. Maybe this is what I need to focus on, my search for clarity.

Could this little getaway get any better??

Well, come Sunday morning, we were lounging around at 7am with Caramel Nut Crunch coffee waiting for everyone to slowly wake up…and then we headed to a local breakfast joint that snowmobilers frequent before we headed home. So yes, even that could get better!

Love you, Neenster & Papa!

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