>Swish swoosh ahhhhhhh


The sounds on the slopes are very soothing…
We just had a few great (but short!) days at King Pine Ski Area in East Madison, NH, and we loved every second of it!  When we arrived on Sunday night, we checked in, took a quick drive around, ate dinner (awesome buffet with tilapia, both girls wanted salads…and I did split a lemon merengue pie piece with Jason…balanced), and then took the girls ice skating.
Both girls seem to get the hang of it, which is nice!  They pick things up really quickly…and I am hopeful that maybe they didn’t get my clumsy genes after all…
Finally, up on both feet and smiling!

Determined and hard working…nothing will get the better of this one.
I don’t know which is worse…Emma looking terrified, or me looking like I’m enjoying the torture…
But, when the nice woman offered to take our picture, we were all smiles.  That made me feel much better about all the frustrations of getting settled that day!
The next morning, we dropped the girls off at their half day program, and Jason and I hit the slopes with my childhood fave – Pokey Pine!
my dare devil šŸ™‚
We are one hot couple, no?

Monday’s skies cleared right up, and by noon, it was the picture perfect day!

So good, we even took the girls up to the top with us after lunch and a nap.  It was so cute to watch them follow daddy…

But eyes were drooping quite early…a quick trip to the pool…then some dinner (tonight, the fish was swordfish with caramelized onions….OMY – that’s Oh My Yummy!)…then…

Out cold!!!
So mom and dad got to have some good quality grown up fun.  You know, Crazy Eights…
Which I clearly am not all that stellar at…
And coloring…which I am very good at, thank you very much.
Tuesday brought another lesson, and two little girls that looked like ninjas pre-helmet!

Once the girls were settled, we got to take a few runs by ourselves.  See our cute shadow??? I love this picture!

There wasn’t a cloud in the sky!  It really was the perfect little escape.  Although I kept looking at my inbox on my phone…I actually ignored almost everything!!!
Yup, King Pine it is…and we love it!  One of the best things was hearing that the girls are solid skiiers.  They can go, stop and turn!  Now its just getting them up on skis more often so they grow confident in their ability…unlike slow pokey mom! 
 Can’t wait to go back…we’re already trying to figure out next year’s plans so we can book early!!! 

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