>Number of the day…100

>This is my 100th post!  Woo hoo!!!  I apologize as there are no recipes to share…I bought all of my meals today, and yes, its pizza and movie night for the Webster girls.  We’re snuggled on the couch watching Anastasia!  I will plan something a bit more thrilling for 101…

I’m guessing by the time I go to sleep tonight, I will have also done at least 100 sit ups.

I woke up ready to head to Maine for work today, and before I even got in the shower, I did 60 addiction-busting sit ups. Not a huge deal, some I had already “earned,” others were in anticipation of sitting in traffic for a large part of the day!

Thanks to the lovely ladies in the Maine office (Brenda, Carrie and Katie), I found an alternative to sit ups on the ground – so there will be no inappropriate skirt-day sit-up snafus! And let me tell you, they had a bowl of awesome looking dark chocolate in the office. Which I walked on by a number of times! Go me…

The car is where I run into trouble…

Music is my thing. I love it – all kinds. I invest a lot of brain power and emotional energy into thinking about lyrics…and I sing my little heart out when I’m alone behind the wheel.  Apparently, all that alone time and belting out tunes leaves me craving something sweet.  Ugh, chocolate.  So, I will have to do some extras before bed to make up for my drive times… I am so going to rock that suit this summer!

On another note, I started running again yesterday to get ready for the Celtic 5K on March 13th in Worcester.  Very excited to get the road race season started this year!  My same rules apply this year: finish the race alive, don’t finish DFL, and if I’ve run it before, beat my last time.  Someday I may run to win…but for now, I’m good with those three things!

Off to do more snuggling and watch the lightening outside.  I love family Friday nights…

Happy Friday, everyone!

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