>Where the heck have we been?

>Well, its Heart Month…so that means events, meetings, late nights at work, horrible eating habits, not to mention I think I forget where my gym is!

But, in all the craziness that is late January/February in an AHA house, we’re learning to make the best of it and squeeze in some quality time with each other whenever we can.  To do that, it often involves turning work events into date nights…like yesterday!

Last night was the 2011 Central MA Heart and Stroke Ball at Mechanics Hall in Worcester. I decided to go all out and after all of the events I’ve had for work, I got a bit pampered yesterday and got my hair and makeup done.  After all, who doesn’t want to look good for their hubby on Valentine’s Weekend???  Especially after I’ve been such a grouch lately…I definitely owe him that and more!

On my way home to get dressed after makeup and hair.  Seriously, 27 bobby pins and the magic of Joanna at Nicholas Michaels, and you wouldn’t know I had short hair!!!  And I can’t forget Jocelyn and MAC at the Natick Collection.  Holy crow…I mean…if I could afford to have her make me look that good every day – I’d totally put her on retainer!

Thanks to Howie Hecht for our totally awesome prom picture!  The greatest event photographer…he was with us all weekend!

 It was a fun night and a gorgeous event – Tara did an awesome job! And I have to say, my husband was a complete gentleman. Of course, I expected nothing less, but let’s just say he’s a saint…
We had a great time, and went out afterward with Patti and Larry to celebrate a brief break in the action that is February!  Both of us feel so lucky to have gotten to know these guys better over the past year or so…such great friends and wonderful, wonderful people!
 Post Heart Ball smiles (sleepy, but still smiles!)…what you don’t see is the squealing piggies on my feet!
SO…as a team, we’ve had a very busy few weeks.  From the Bruins’ Heart Health Awareness game in January, to the Legislators’ Go Red For Women event at the State House, to Wear Red Day, the Celtic’s Wear Red Day Game, the Boston Go Red CONNECT casting call event, NH Heart Ball, Cooks Corner tapings, Paul Dudley White reception, Boston Go Red For Women Luncheon, and the Central MA Heart and Stroke Ball…I have to say that I am very very lucky to be part of such an amazing team.  Together we’ve accomplished a lot in a short amount of time, and because of those sleepless nights and super-long days…lives will be saved.
Now, I’ve just got to get my groove back before the next round. Its been so busy that my perfectionista halo has become seriously tarnished…but I think I’ve got the solution.  I’m looking forward to vacation after this coming week to unwind with the girls, and for the 4 of us to spend some uninterrupted time together!!!
Until then – one week to get through, and to get TO the gym!  Have to get these ski legs ready!
How do you handle the crazy busy times?

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