>All good things must come to an end…

>…even this super awesome weekend.  Boo.

Jason and I went to Boston both Friday and Saturday nights this weekend – first, to Kelly MacFarland’s CD Release Party at Mottley’s Comedy Club.  Very fun show, and Kelly’s CD is a riot!  Perfect for those long commutes when you need to just laugh out loud.

Kelly had a huge cake to celebrate her new CD, Bombshell.  Mmmmm…who doesn’t love cake?!?!

 When we left, we walked by Red Auerbach on a bench and Larry Bird’s shoes.  I wanted Jason to pose.  Cute, right?  He just wanted to eat dinner…at 11pm.  I couldn’t really blame him.  And with all I’ve vented and unloaded on him lately…I’m lucky he still wants to eat dinner with me at all!

Saturday, I had tea with my girlfriends from grad school.  We get together at the Boston Harbor Hotel for tea every year (or so!) and catch up for hours.  We really should just plan on the whole day…I always feel like time flies and its another year before we see each other again!

I drove home, picked up Jason, and headed back into Jamaica Plain where we had an amazing dinner with friends.  Seriously, the best food, conversation and board game competition I have had in a long while!  I just hope that my competitive edge was still polite.  The boys were good – darn good.  And they kicked our butts in both games.  Such a fine line…when board games are paired with red wine…

I made my first from-scratch cake today!  I have been craving chocolate lately, and if you know me, you know I’m not a huge chocolate fan…so its all together kind of strange.  But…I wanted to find something easy that I could throw together for Sunday dinner and control some of the healthy/clean level…but that everyone would eat.  This is what I found:  Eating Well’s One Bowl Chocolate Cake  I replaced both the sugar and brown sugar with Sucanat and it already called for whole wheat pastry flour…so it seemed like a winner!  And a time frame of less than an hour from start to finish made it all the more appealing!!!

I couldn’t resist…Heart Month starts Tuesday!!! 

Sometimes a broken heart is hard to handle…unless its chocolate cake.  Seriously, though…it was awesome.  The only problem is that there is coffee in it.  Emma may not sleep tonight…
This week all builds up to Friday – National Wear Red Day!  You may not hear from me all that often this week, but please remember to wear red on Friday and Make It Your Mission to fight the number 1 killer of women (and men!) – heart disease.
Go Red!

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