>What a frigid day…

>Seriously, its been less than 10 degrees all day.  I think my heart may have actually frozen for a bit today…and if you were on the receiving end of that, my sincere apologies. But the fire’s going and I’m thawed!

Last night, I took out my contacts…and my eyes were dry.  This isn’t normally anything to get upset about…unless of course just 6 months ago you took out dry contacts and tore the heck out of your cornea.  I should have learned my lesson from all the blinding pain…but no.  I apparently didn’t.  So, Mr. Corneal Abrasion, we meet again.

So, this morning, to make sure I got Monday off to a good start, I made my favorite breakfast as of late – oatmeal with cinnamon, banana and natural peanut butter.  Got the kids off to school, got my triple venti non fat latte, and headed to the office!

For lunch, I had some tuna with fresh lime juice, fresh cilantro, cumin and grape tomatoes over Ryvita crackers.  It was surprisingly light and refreshing!

Afternoon snack was an apple and peanut butter…perfect afternoon boost!

Dinner was chili that Jason put together while I got my eye checked out!  Under there is some tasty cornbread Nonna made to help out the chef…perfect for this frigid night!
Its back down to -2 degrees out there.  Stay warm, friends!

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