>Random Dinner Mix


Tonight was the perfect night to sit inside by the fire…while poor Jason cleared the snow and slush in the rain.  After he came home from a full day at work. Then, he helped our neighbor, too.  
What a good guy 🙂
 Luckily, he’s all over the snowblower, lawnmower, etc.  So I get time to play in the kitchen!
 Jason and I are trying to get ourselves back on track with our clean eating, so today was some lean protein, whole grains and lots of veggies.  My problem was that I didn’t eat enough greens today….and I am starving right now.  Jason’s problem was that work was so busy, he didn’t eat lunch or his snacks…and he’s now off to the gym.  But not before he ate a good dinner!!
So, dinner was a mix of foods…
Last night, I pre-made the girls’ dinner because I thought I would be at a meeting until after 8 (thank you mother nature for the early night!)
This pasta bake had one package of brown rice penne, one jar of tomato basil sauce, one bag of frozen spinach – thawed and drained, and about a half cup of reduced fat shredded mozzarella cheese on top.  I did sneak a few of the crispy crunchy noodles off the top.  They are my macaroni guilty pleasure…
 When I came home early, I decided to throw some tilapia filets in the oven just sprinkled with curry powder. 

 I also rooted through the fridge to see what we had for veggies and grabbed a bunch of asparagus and an acorn squash.  Simply roasted with some olive oil, and we had some tasty veggies!

It was quick and easy, which was good.  I was able to crank out some work…you know, to make up for the 2 hours I lost commuting to the office this morning.  Normally, it takes me 20 minutes.  It was INSANE!  

I’m trying to muster up the energy to get off the couch and make something to bring to NH tomorrow.   I’m thinking a container of the Clean Eating granola I tried out last week.  I could do that in no time…  That and some yogurt and we can have snack time at work!  

Wouldn’t it be nice if work could be more like preschool???

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