>And the award goes to…

>…me, unfortunately, for Mother of the Year! 

All I can say is luckily I realized it before I dropped my poor daughter off.  But, I got her out of bed, dressed, got her some breakfast, psyched her up for the school day (and she did not want to go today… apparently she reads more than I thought) and drove her to school.  As I pulled in the driveway to school singing Party In The USA with her, it hit me…  Today is Friday.  They’ve sent home like 10 flyers reminding us that there was no school today.  Back home for a day of snow angels with Nonna!

In my defense…I did get the most wonderful news this morning that one of my dearest friends had her baby at 5:59am!  A beautiful baby boy that I can’t wait to love!!!  So I’m going with the fact that the new love in my life was distracting me!!!  I’ll make a note to hire a sitter the day after Auntie Bridget has my new niece, because I will surely be a mess!!!

That being said…I also promised to bake for the bake sale at tonight’s Kane School Snow Ball.  Yup.  A note to all parents that will be there…I bought cookies, but I frosted them myself…had Jason frost them…  Not very Perfectionista…but Jason did a great job with the cookies!

So there you have it, folks.  Admission that today, the Perfectionista Persona is clearly on vacation.  I guess that means today’s lesson is that we’re all human.  And, even though we’re not perfect…try as we may…life goes on.  I guess. 

But – I did, despite my early snafu, wish my former opponent a very Happy New Year at Starbucks this morning.  Karma points.  Have to keep that Karma piggy bank full!!!  It just goes to show that being nice to someone who has been mean to you in the past can actually feel good.  Yeah, its kinda like a “take that” kinda good.  But its good nonetheless.

And…I did manage to put up my window decorations at my NH office.  THAT was one little Perfectionista-like thing that got accomplished today.  Phew.  Not a total loss.

I do want to give some serious props to my teammates in NH.  They are the most thoughtful group of women around.  I had a rather challenging week, and I arrived to my desk this morning to find a bottle of wine, a teddy bear with heart pjs and candy hearts, a balloon, and some Calgon to take me away.  I wonder how far Calgon can take me…
Thank you, friends.

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