>Snow Day Dishing…


One would think a snow day is the perfect day to catch up on stuff around the house…like my blog.  Not to mention my laundry, cleaning the office…maybe help Jason shovel…
Nope.  Not today.  So much work, so little time…  
But now I’m catching up while the water boils for dinner tonight!
Breakfast on Monday was hot multigrain cereal with Teddy’s natural unsalted peanut butter on top.  It was my first time making this particular grain combo…so it was ok.  (today’s was much better!)

 Jason was on dinner duty (again!!!) Monday, and he made baked chicken with rosemary and pearled barley risotto with peas, asparagus and scallions.  It was fantastic…again!

Tuesday was a bit of a rushed morning, so for me, breakfast was a spinach feta wrap from Starbucks with my triple venti non-fat latte.  
However, dinner was a whole new ballgame. 
I stopped by Whole Foods in Framingham on the way home to pick up some fish.  The guy at counter was awesome.  He looked like he could have been in the Zac Brown Band, and we had a great talk about fish at Whole Foods.  I learned a lot, and got a great piece of fish for dinner!
Dinner was baked salmon with a black bean salsa topper, a warm chili corn salsa on the side (both from the famed Clean Eating cookbook) and red quinoa with peach salsa, avocado and fresh cilantro (recipe from me).
 Tonight’s ingredients included:
black beans
onion, chopped and divided
frozen corn, thawed
chili powder
red bell pepper, finely diced
red quinoa (2 cups)
vegetable broth and water (to equal 4 cups)
1 large avocado
1/2 jar Trader Joe’s peach salsa
Unfortunately, the quinoa brought down the Beppo score for the night.  The Salmon scored a 4, but there was some sand or something in the quinoa despite the extensive rinsing…so that dish brought the overall score to a 3.25.  No photos tonight because I can’t bring myself to divide Beppo’s head like that!
Does anyone know what that grainy crunch in my red quinoa was???

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