>Early Week Good Eats!


Tag team meal prep is in full effect at 154.  With my crazy work schedule in January and February, we’ve had to pre-assign dinner nights…so much for spontaneity!  So far, so good…and this week I have Monday, Wednesday and Friday!
Monday night we ate Butternut & Sage Israeli Couscous with Pesto Cod
For the Couscous
In 1-2T olive oil in a large sauce pan, saute one half of a butternut squash, cubed**
After 5-7 minutes or so, prepare couscous as package directs in the same pot as the squash- substitute low sodium, low fat chicken stock for more flavor
add 1-2T of fresh chopped sage while preparing
**this time, I steamed the squash for time’s sake, but normally, I’d prefer to use roasted or sauteed squash…it has more flavor.  I then added it to the couscous at the end.**
For the cod
OK, I took the easy way out.  I bought the cod.  I bought a container of freshly made pesto.
I put the pesto over the cod in a baking dish.
20 minutes at 425.
Then, for lunch on Tuesday, I was still in my uber productive mode, so I packed breakfast and lunch!
Breakfast was a slice of 7 grain pullman with flax seeds, eggwhites, and some apple chicken sausage.  Got me off to a good start, and a nice healthy balance.

Then I packed my huge cooler bag for Tuesday (key for clean eating!) with a banana, natural peanut butter from Idylwilde Farms, some salad with a can of tuna fish, carrots, Beppo’s homemade hummus, and homemade salad dressing.

This, however, was the best part of getting ready on Tuesday…those  blue eyes are the best!

How are you staying organized and on top of meals this year?

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