>After all of the eating and drinking over the holidays, we’re starting 2011 off right by getting back to our healthy eating and working out.  This morning, Jason and Auntie Shannon joined me and Lauren at our weekly yoga date.  We took Abby’s Vinyasa class at Mysitc Fitness in Framingham.  

Before class, we each had a piece of whole wheat toast with all natural peanut butter, banana, and ground flax seed along with the daily morning cup of hot lemon water.  Its become my pre-workout snack – gives me energy and doesn’t make me feel crappy while I’m in downward dog!
We came home and I whipped up some egg whites with apple chicken sausage and a sprinkle of shredded swiss and gruyere cheese.  I also downed a half of a pumpernickel bagel with a smidge of light cream cheese and some lox.  I am protein-ed up for the day!!!
Maddy and I are headed to a gymnastics birthday party for her friend Sofia, and then home to make the salad for Mom’s belated birthday dinner at Bridget and Brian’s house.  I’m thinking spinach, goat cheese, cranberries and walnuts…
Here’s to making the most of the last day of vacation…

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