>’Twas the Night Before Christmas


…and Mary Beth’s Annual Christmas Eve party was a blast as always…
The best family Christmas photo we’ve taken…
Me and Mary Beth – the big sister I never had…
 Mary Beth looks like a million bucks! She’s doing an amazing job eating healthy and working out – I’m so proud of all she’s done!!!  She is going to have to start guest blogging because I have been slacking on the recipes part!!!
Mama Maria – Happy Holidays!
My in-laws – Kathy and Steve.  Kathy looks like she is totally getting away with something, besides being awesome, and Steve is giving me the  “don’t you dare put this in that blog” look 🙂  But seriously – they are the life of the party and its not the same when they’re stuck in Maine!  On that note, we missed Auntie Shannon this year who is on call in VT.  However, watch out New Years…the Party will definitely be in the house!!!
Little Patsy, I mean, McKayla arriving in her fancy duds!  Look at that smile!!
“So then, Auntie, he laid his finger aside of his nose…” 
The hostess with the mostess.  MB made an amazing snowball martini.  Liquid dessert.  If all snow tasted like that, I’d be caught more often with my tongue hanging out catching snowflakes! Come to think of it…that may have been what Kathy was getting away with!!
Jessica getting into the spirit of the season…the greatest girl in the world.  
Desmond ran and ran and ran…and then threw himself on the floor gigging.  Ahhhh, if that’s all it took!
Bridget and Nonna watching the kiddos play…trying to stay out of the line of fire.
Little Miss Emma eating in the fancy chair.  So prim and proper that one…
Every year, this is the perfect way to celebrate!  Family and friends gather, kids are kids, sharing food, drink and friendship.  And, we track Santa so we know when to get home and into bed.  We live about 7 minutes away, and like clockwork – luckily, the girls are asleep before we even get halfway home!
Next up, Christmas Day, and the food (OH the FOOD) we ate!

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