>Cousins’ Christmas Night


Christmas seems to be more magical with little ones around.  My cousin and I and our spouses have decided that its more important to spend time together than do the whole gift thing.  The kids get so much already, and love the time together…so we’ve done away with the exchange, and instead come up with an activity.  
This year, it was cookie decorating and dinner out with the grandparents.  
Coleen brought some wax accessories to get the afternoon started in the right mood!
Maddy & Emma, McKayla (my cousin Tim’s daughter who is 3 weeks older than Emma) and Desmond (my most adorable nephew) all put their sugar skills to work and decorated gingerbread men (thanks to the baking skills of the Framingham Baking Company!
What?  So I’m eating the candy…the cookie doesn’t need it!!!
Check out the candy coloring on those teeth!!

Seriously, the most beautiful boy on earth.  Seriously.
Ahhh, gingerbread men all sugared up!
 My cousin Tim and his wife, Coleen.

Sibling love – Auntie Bridget and Uncle Sean.  Am I a lucky sister, or what???

 The cousins…

Dinner…the poor people at the Chateau in Westboro…

After the bread, there was no time for photos…kid chasing, about 30 trips to the bathroom, and some sort of musical chair-like game…the parents slept well that night!!!
Great times, great traditions.  I like that we keep it all about family and time together.  Isn’t that what its all about?  
Merry Christmas!

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