>Is that cake?!?!?

>This year, our Greater Boston Communications Team wanted to say a little thank you to our 2 year round Go Red media partners, 104.5 – WXLO and CBS Radio Boston.  I don’t bake…at least not much, and definitely not well.  But, for them, we figured it would be worth the effort.  And as long as nobody got sick…right?  I’ve still got one more to make for the Citadel NH Radio Group, but it will be a New Year’s House 🙂

After finding an adorable Gingerbread House bundt cake mold at William Sonoma, we knew that was it.  So I baked two of them (from a mix…let’s be serious.  Scratch is not my forte.) and Angela and I decorated them in the office!  Talk about fun at work!

Not bad for the non-baker!
WXLO’s house…

CBS’ house…

Steve & Jen from ‘XLO with their house…and they were both polite enough to try it!
All in all, I think the secret to great baking lies in the pan and the mix. With the right tools…maybe I  can bake after all…

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