>21 Hour Getaway

>Sometimes, all you need is a little break in the daily routine to re-energize and rejuvenate, right?  So we took one.

We headed into an awesome Christmas party in JP Saturday night, but decided earlier in the week to make it on overnight.  It was the perfect plan!

After a few hours meeting some fabulous people and having such incredible food, Jason and I hoofed it (not very far) to the Heath Street station, hopped on the second inbound train that came our way (we missed the first one, but really, when you don’t do the T often, you have to accommodate the re-learning curve), and headed to Government Center.

I really just wanted to walk through Quincy Market/Fanueil Hall and gawk at the lights.  But then I had a craving for Pizzeria Regina….which was closed.  Why, I don’t know…we just ate awesome party food! But, in searching for descent food at 11pm…we realized we were old.  Probably too old to get into the bars with lines outside.  Besides, after 30, bar nuts aren’t a meal, and rail drinks don’t cut it anymore – So a few pics to capture the lights…

“Why the picture of me in front of the tree???” (poor guy is such a good sport…)

Although it was cold, it wasn’t windy…so we walked about 1.5-2 miles back to the hotel…which was great.  We were able to stop and stare at the boats in the harbor, the stars, random gawk-worthy party animals…it was great!

We stayed at the Renaissance Waterfront with a city and water view from the 18th floor.  Ooooooo… Room service was ok, but sleep was way better…and the 6am view was nice when it was all said and done.

Good morning, Boston!

Thanks to some friends via Facebook, we had a whole selection of phenomenal brunch suggestions, which just means we’re going to have to travel to the city to eat more often!  We chose Johnny D’s, and couldn’t have been more psyched this morning!

Both the coffee and the Bloody Marys were fantastic!
The grits came with a heap of butter, but I took it off…not before a bit melted though 🙂

Egg Scramblers (I thought of Pop!) with baby spinach, tomatoes and mozzarella…home fries…and wheat toast.

 Jason hit the jackpot with french toast AND an omelette.  Plus, aforementioned home fries, toast, and oatmeal as well.  It was all we ate until dinner!!!

 We were full, and I was a few potatoes away from being a very proud member of the clean plate club!
We had lived almost 20 hours of our escape, and had no photos of the two of us to prove that we actually had any alone time together, so we took a number of very sad attempts with my phone…
This one was the best.
So worth it.

The not-so-clean breakfast was countered by some super healthy grocery shopping, and a butt whooping Bikram Yoga class…so I didn’t feel so bad at the end of the day.

Today’s lesson: Any time together, no matter how short, is worth it its weight tenfold.


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