>Back to basics…

>Breakfast.  Yes, breakfast.  That’s pretty basic, right?

Except that I’ve been forgetting lately and I’m trying to get back into my groove.  Wake up, hot water with lemon, (insert PB on toast and gym on some days), shower, get dressed, pack Maddy’s lunch, get the kids up, dressed, fed, get Mommy’s coffee (*most critical component of a successful morning) and some breakfast.

I snoozed a few times too many this morning.  Once I hit 5:45, I just laid there listening to the radio, hoping my favorite morning show hosts would succeed in getting me out of my warm bed.  Finally, at 6:10 I got up and got going.

But here’s the good part!  Kids ate and so did I!!!

I am a horrible omelette maker.  Absolutely awful.  I’m thinking that I need to give my attempts at them a different name, but until someone comes up with something creative, I’m going with, “No, I meant to make scrambled eggs, really.”

This masterpiece had egg whites, baby spinach, a sprinkle of shredded cheese, and fresh mango salsa from whole foods.  Not pretty, but tasty!
Have a great day!
(and please think of a name for my omelette mishaps…)

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