>Herding Cats…or Kindergarten Basketball…


Yesterday was Little Miss Maddy’s first ever basketball game at the Boys & Girls Clubs of MetroWest.  And she loved it!!!  She was happy to know that a friend from dance class and an old school friend from Montessori were on her team.  I gathered that the lesson of the day was hands up on defense…

…and apparently on offense as well. But basketball has never been my sport!

Coach Webster did an excellent job of directing and redirecting the cats, I mean kids.

A little on-the-court strategy session.  An early analysis might lead bystanders to believe that our team is stacked.  We have some serious shooters, and some good height for 5 year olds.  If only they kept score in kindergarten…

Maddy’s fan club!

 One last huddle…or hurdle…depends on how you look at it!
Great job this weekend, Blue!  This is going to be a great season!  See you next week!!!

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