>Jewels and Bags…what could be better???


Last Sunday, I had a Sweet Bead & Co. open house and invited my friend Erika Coombs to bring her company, Thirty One Gifts.  I haven’t seen Erika in at least 12 years…it was so awesome to catch up…and Thirty One is bags and totes.  I LOVE bags!!!  I think I may have done a bit too much damage…but I can’t wait for them to come in!
I haven’t shared any Sweet Bead jewelry in a while, so while the open house was last weekend (its been a long week…), I’ve got some new pieces that I wanted to post!  The upside of having some time to think…I like to create at the same time.  I just can’t sit still and think…I have to ‘do’ something…
So…vintage is in.  And its totally growing on me!  The earrings below both feature copper, and one pair focuses on handmade glass beads by be:spangled and the other deep red freshwater pearls.

 These sterling earrings are made with semi-precious gems. 
They’re very sparkly as Maddy says…

 This bracelet features more handcrafted glass beads from Gloria and Lisa at be:spangled, freshwater pearls and a vintage gold clasp.  Conveniently, it did match my outfit perfectly yesterday!!

 More vintage – I think I love it now…

 And a random keychain…

 What is your favorite accessory or piece of jewelry?

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