>Webster Tree Weekend


If it was just Thanksgiving…that means it was also Tree Weekend!!!
When I became a Webster, I inherited not only an awesome family, but a very cool tradition.  The weekend after Thanksgiving, we pick a tree farm, hunt for perfection and chop down our Christmas Tree.  There are some key characteristics that qualify a farm for our selection process: hot cider or hot cocoa available for freezing hands, wreathes or ornaments for sale, and I personally love a hayride, although its not necessary.
Unfortunately, this year, the selection process went out the window as we had to pick a farm on the way home due to some unforeseen issues…that will teach me.  So, for my first time picking the farm, I picked the farm based purely on location.  And they said they used organic farming practices, but really.  Its a Christmas tree for decorating, not eating, so that really didn’t matter.
Auntie Shannon carried a very sleepy Emma the whole time!
Daddy, the girls and Murphy in front of the tree…it looks ok there, right?
Jason getting back to his Maine roots.  Very lumberjack-like…  Luckily, not all men from Maine need to play Lumberjack all the time!
Clearly the highlight for some was the hot chocolate!
Neeny and Auntie Shannon – sporting the fashionable good looks, even at a tree farm!
Pinkies up!  For such a wild child, she can be very dainty!
The men tied the sad, sad, sad tree on top of the man van…
We managed to get the conifer up that night…and after hours of trimming into the shape of a tree (sort of), we have our tree up the earliest its ever been up!  And decorated even!  
Regardless of how it looks (its whats on the inside that matters, right?), one of my favorite things is turning all the lights off, and sitting quietly surrounded by the glow of Christmas lights and the fireplace. It kind of makes me glow too…
(I love snowmen…)
To quote Uncle Sean’s favorite Christmas song…
“Happy Holidays…”

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